Single Women and Health Insurance

Released on: April 16, 2008, 12:48 pm

Press Release Author: SingleMinded, LLC

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Single Minded explores the topics that matter to
this growing group of women -- from the tough facts of life like health care gaps
and finances to the lighter side of living, relationships, and working.

Press Release Body: Single women: we\'ve got your number. Try 20 percent -- that\'s
how many of you are uninsured, and we\'re not talking high-dollar life insurance
policies. If you\'re a single woman in the United States today, you are more likely
than any other American to not have a single stitch of basic health insurance
covering your hide.

In her recent article on the subject, Single Women and Health Insurance:
Hope for the Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place,\'s Health
Channel editor, Tracy Morris, exposes one woman\'s reality and offers experienced
tips on
where to find individual policies, and
what to do about medical needs that arise when you\'re not covered.

It\'s not just women living at poverty level, either, who are finding themselves
unable to access the world\'s greatest medical technology (let alone the most minimal
well-woman annual exam.) Single mother, Leah (who requested anonymity for the story,
readable at, has even more
company than the 2 in 10 women who are uninsured in America. Leah and her daughter
have insurance, but because of her temporary under-employment, she has to rely on
what is basically short-term catastrophic coverage.

\"Leah\'s story isn\'t every woman\'s,\" Morris reflects, \"but it\'s not uncommon for
hard-working women to think they\'ve done everything right, only to find the health
care rug pulled out from under them. It only takes one job loss, one divorce, and
you find yourself afraid to darken a doctor\'s door for fear of being diagnosed with
an excluding condition.\"

About Single Minded, LLC:
Headquartered in Paradise Valley, AZ, Single Minded, LLC was founded in 2007 by
Allison O\'Connor and Christine Whelan. Both women have extensive experience in
publishing and advertising and have been single professionals during their careers.
Having worked for companies such as PennWell, VerticalNet, TechOnline, Reed
Publishing and Carat Freeman, O\'Connor and Whelan have successfully launched
numerous web start-ups and magazines.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Allison O\'Connor
Ph. 480-991-9109

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