SourcePilani - Taking medical transcription to rural hinterlands - A mission with passion

Released on: April 4, 2008, 3:54 am

Press Release Author: Dr BR Natarajan

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Proud to be a BITSian Manoj Vasudevan CEO SourcePilani who
graduated from BITS Pilani which is one among the top ranking universities in India
today has no doubt that when a mission is taken up with passion, there are no dreams
too large.

Press Release Body: Urmila Maan, a 25 year old housewife from a village close to
Pilani, Rajasthan begins her day at 5 am and attends to her household chores. By 8
am however, she is in pursuit of bigger dreams and works for SourcePilani - a rural
business process outsourcing unit in Pilani. The Urmila Maans and the 40 other rural
folk who work at SourcePilani are now the new faces of the Indian BPO industry.

"SourcePilani has added a whole new dimension to my otherwise routine life", says
Urmila. "It has not only taught me specific skills related to my job but also
enhanced my self-confidence. Today I enjoy a better social status in society and it
feels very nice." At SourcePilani, Urmila services US doctors and hospitals by
delivering medical transcription (conversion of medical prescriptions from audio to
text format) work.

This Pilani based firm was established in September 2007 with the support and
encouragement from Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani - one of
India's premier universities. Funded by the Goenkas (The Laxmi Organic Industries
Group), this venture is built specifically to tackle the problem of
'unemployability' at the grass root level.

Spearheaded by Manoj Vasudevan, the venture strives to impact hundreds of lives in
rural India by providing employment to rural folks, thus giving them a livelihood
and providing them an opportunity to pursue their goals and interests. The recruited
village folk are given process specific training free of cost for some months and
then inducted as full-time employees. Apart from this, everyone who enrolls
undergoes a foundational training that includes basic computer skills, Basic English
proficiency with a strong emphasis on soft skills.

"The idea largely revolves around empowerment of the rural community. What we are
doing is trying to build a sound and robust business model around it. The social
case and business case go hand in hand as far as SourcePilani is concerned and
according to me this is the only way we can envision sustainable grass root
development", says Manoj, an ex-employee of IBM Corporation.

SourcePilani has tied up with Truworth Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan's largest
transcription house. The execution of medical transcription work at SourcePilani is
carried out in partnership with Truworth. SourcePilani currently has 20 of its
employees on this vertical and aims to scale up the medical transcription unit to
100 people soon.
"SourcePilani is the first rural BPO in the country to be carrying out medical
transcription work from a rural set up and the goal is to make Pilani a medical
transcription hub of sorts in Rajasthan", says Manoj.

The medical transcription training modules designed for the village folk were quite
elaborate and customized keeping in mind the rural audience. The training that
included development of listening skills, knowledge of medical terminologies, quick
typing skills, and quality assurance was imparted by Truworth.

"The path to this stage was definitely not easy, but we have broken all myth and
shown that such a thing can be achieved. This is true empowerment of the rural folks
and I'd like to thank Mr. Vasudev Goenka and BITS Pilani without whom none of this
would have been possible. In particular, I want to extend my thanks to the Jhunjhunu
district collector, Mr. Dinesh Kumar and Truworth Infotech for all the support and
encouragement given to us throughout", added Manoj.

Medical transcription is a unique occupation that forms a very critical process in
the US heath care revenue cycle management and this milestone has integrated rural
India into the main stream knowledge economy of the country. Each employee of
SourcePilani can earn Rs 3000-5000 a month - a sizable income to take back home
considering the low cost of living in villages. This is indeed empowered

Apart from this, SourcePilani also offers its services in the area of data
entry/digitization, back end administrative support, form processing, lead
generation and e-governance activities. It recently bagged a government project to
carry out all data entry of forms pertaining to the National Rural Employment
Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) being implemented in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

SourcePilani comes at a time when the Indian BPO industry is being faced with
problems relating to higher operational costs and attrition. The recent survey
carried out by NASSCOM, the apex body of the Indian IT industry suggests that the
average pay scale of the employees in the Indian BPO industry has increased between
16 and 18% and that the attrition rate is anywhere between 50 and 60%. Thus by
tapping into the rural talent available, SourcePilani not only plans to position
itself as a low cost player but also plans to develop the most stable and nurtured
workforce over time.

"This is isn't philanthropy nor is it any form of charity. It's pure and simple
development", says Manoj. Each SourcePilani job generates as much revenue as 5 acres
of agricultural land. With 40 people employed at Pilani through this venture, he
adds, "It's analogous to adding 200 acres of good land in Rajasthan".

SourcePilani is indeed empowered outsourcing and with a smile Manoj says that he has
miles to go before he can sleep.

More Details contact: Pilani BPO Pvt. Ltd.
Chandak Marg, Pilani (Rajasthan) India 333031
Phone : +91-01596-243300 Fax : +91-01596-243300

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Contact Details: Dr BR Natarajan
Professor & Vice President BITS Alumni Association
BITS Pilani (Rajasthan) 333031 India
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