What can Magnets do for You

Released on: April 7, 2008, 11:00 am

Press Release Author: Martine Drouin

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Magnetic therapy has been studied and proven as a beneficial

Press Release Body: What can Magnets do for You?

Magnetic therapy has been studied and proven as a beneficial technology.
The product that launched a compagny and a wellness revolution : Magsteps ok Nikken
A textured surface was combined with magnetic technology , based on another ancient
principle ,and the resulting material was shaped into insoles. Since 1973 ,
magsteps have found their way into millions of shoes .
The questions arises, does it work , and if so , Why ? one place to start examining
this issue is to look at the properties of magnets themselves. Magnets are objects
that actively emit an invisible energy domain know as a magnetic field . All magnets
exhibit a condition known as polarity , which means that the strongest point of
attraction is at each end the magnetic field. These ends are referred to as the
positive and negative poles . All magnets are bipolar , that is . each magnet has
both of these poles. In popular terminology, clinicians or science professionals
will often refer to a magnet as unipolar if only one these ends is applied on or
toward a surface.

Several areas of research so far explored have led to interesting results. Some
Osteoarthritis and magnetic discs: ( Wolsko et al ,2004)
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy ang magnetic insoles: The subjects who received the
magnetic insoles reported considerable reductions in burning , numbness and tingling
. (Weintraub et al. 2003)

Interest in this use of magnetic energy is due in large part to the growing body of
controlled clinical studies conducted throughout the world and published in
reputable thirdparty journals . These articles continue to support the proposition
that magnetic energy offers a low-risk , useful way to treat a variety of symptoms ,
including pain .
It's not what the magnets do to your body Dr Moscos says , It's what your body
can do responding to the extra energy they provide. Healing can only take place in a
balanced body during a time deep sleep and ultimate relaxation . If the body is in
a balanced working order , it is at its optimum relaxed state
With that in mind , maybe spending your day walking on magnets may just be more
tempting than a walk in the clouds - or even a foot massage.

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