Babble Soft and eMail our Military Join Forces to Offer Free Subscriptions to Babble Soft Applications for Active Duty Service Members with Newborns

Released on: May 21, 2008, 8:38 pm

Press Release Author: Aruni Gunasegaram

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Just in time for Memorial Day, Active Duty Service Members
with Newborns now get free access to Babble Soft's web and mobile applications
through their membership at eMail Our Military.

Press Release Body: AUSTIN, TX; MIAMI LAKES, FL - May 22, 2008 - Babble Soft and
eMail our Military are partnering to offer free subscriptions to Baby Insights and
Baby Say Cheese for active duty service members with newborns.
"We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Babble Soft." said Trish
Forant, Founder and President of eMail our Military. "My husband was called into
service only one week after our first child was born. I had very few friends and
family to turn to for support where we were stationed and it was difficult for me to
convey to him what I was going through with our new baby. I would have loved to
have the online tools Babble Soft provides to communicate to him how often and when
our baby was feeding, sleeping, etc. as well as important picture milestones!"
"Our goal at Babble Soft is to help strengthen and enhance connections between
family members during that wonderful, yet chaotic time after a baby is born." said
Aruni Gunasegaram, founder and president of Babble Soft. "We support our troops and
know how important it is for new parents who have to be away from their newborns to
feel connected to what is going on at home. Partners can share experiences and
photos with each other through Babble Soft's unique web and mobile applications. As
an added bonus, members of eMail our Military will have access to a discount code
to purchase gift subscriptions for their other family members who may or may not
have military ties."
Baby Insights helps caregivers keep track of baby's breast & bottle feeding, sleep
periods, diaper changes, medicine doses, immunization records, as well as mom's
breastfeeding, pumping and medicine intake. Having important information stored in
one location makes communication between parents, their nanny, babysitters,
grandparents, or doctors seamless and reliable and gives new parents insight into
their baby\'s patterns to help with crucial baby care decisions.
Baby Say Cheese lets you create a wonderful online baby's first year photo album
with milestones such as 'first crawl, first smile, first word' and family tree that
you can share with friends and family. You can even send a fun, cute picture
postcards of any of your baby's milestones to anyone with an email address!

About eMail our Military, Inc.
eMail Our Military was created in 2001 as a response to the DoD\'s cancellation of
the \"Any Service Member\" and \"Operation Dear Abby\" mail programs. As a safe
alternative, eMOM picked up where these programs left off. eMail Our Military is
composed of volunteers from all walks of life who understand that regardless of our
political views, our military service members deserve our respect, support &
encouragement. Website visitors can join and take part in a number of support
projects ranging from sending eMail on a one-on-one basis with a service member to
year round support projects that are open to the public. For more information on
eMail Our Military, please visit

About Babble Soft, LLC
Babble Soft is based in Austin, Texas and creates products that help make the
transition into parenthood easier. Whether you need breastfeeding support, are
experiencing baby sleep issues, are expecting twins, or taking care of a premature
(preemie) baby and would like to create your baby\'s first year album, Babble Soft
offers unique, easy-to-use Web and Mobile software solutions that improve
communication between caregivers. Babble Soft makes a great baby shower gift that
you can easily send via Email to any new parent anywhere in the world! To learn
more and purchase Babble Soft applications, please visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Trish Forant
eMail our Military, Inc.
(786) 228-7096

Aruni Gunasegaram
Babble Soft, LLC
(512) 961-6002

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