e-Commerce Beauty Company Offers 10 Terrific Shaving Tips For The Teeniest Bikini

Released on: May 22, 2008, 11:37 pm

Press Release Author: Judy Pfleger

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Summer is here and it\'s going to be hot, hot, hot. Hair Care
Down There offers the top ten tips to help you get ready to put on that teeny, tiny
bikini. Avoid the usual rashes, ingrown hair or razor burn and get a close, smooth
shave \"down there\"

Press Release Body: Los Angeles, CA, May 23, 2008 -- Summer is here, which means
those bushy hairs (no pun intended) that have been creeping toward your thighs all
winter should be on their way out. Given that shaving is the hair removal method of
choice for 85 percent of women 18-45*, here are 10 terrific tips for a safe, smooth

1. Don\'t rush the sun, surf and chlorine. The area down there is roughly 87 times
more sensitive than, say, your legs-not to mention significantly more complicated in
terms of terrain. Get your skin accustomed to a \"down there\" shaving routine a few
weeks ahead of bathing suit day.

2. Before getting started, trim the area you are shaving so long, unruly hair
doesn\'t clog and dull your razor.

3. Take a warm, 15 to 20-minute bath or shower to soften the hair. This helps
prevent ingrown hairs.

4. Use a new razor blade the first few times-and ALWAYS change your blade as soon as
you have to press harder to get a close shave.

5. Prep your skin and hair with a shave gel or foam to make the razor glide more

6. Determine the direction that your hair grows and shave in that direction for the
first several times you shave. Go over the area with just one stroke. As you become
more experienced (and as your skin becomes more accustomed to the razor), you can
shave in multiple directions for the closest shave.

7. Follow your shave with an astringent formula that contains salicylic acid to
prevent ingrown hairs.

8. Finish with a soothing moisturizer, Look for one that contains aloe to prevent
redness and/or a rash.

9. Shave every other day for the first few weeks; then switch to daily shaving.

10. If you experience itching as hair grows back, do not shave again until the
itching subsides. Dot on an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream and avoid
scented body lotions, suggests Torrance, CA dermatologist Susan Goodlerner, M.D.

The good news is that you can avoid rashes, bikini bumps and razor burn thanks to
the Hair Care Down There shaving kits that help you go \"bare\" down there. The Bikini
Shaving Kit comes in a pink carry-all and The Ultimate Shaving Kit comes in a cute
aqua carry-all. These kits allow you to have all the supplies you need to get a
smooth, sexy shave.

Hair Care Down There is an e-commerce beauty company that creates products
exclusively for pubic hair grooming as an alternative to painful bikini waxes or
expensive laser hair removal. No more rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs and itching
guaranteed. To find out more about our products or to interview Judy Pfleger visit

*Information compiled from a 2003-2005 survey of over 4,000 women & men conducted
online at http://www.haircaredownthere.com.
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Judy Pfleger
Hair Care Down There
Los Angeles, CA
44 222 656

Web Site: http://www.haircaredownthere.com

Contact Details: Judy Pfleger
Hair Care Down There
Los Angeles, CA
44 222 656

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