Released on: July 13, 2008, 8:15 pm

Press Release Author: Richard Kuhns

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Press Release Summary: Two directives instilled in us since birth (pleasure seeking
and survival) determine our eating behavior for the rest of our life. In his new
e-book, the Scale Conspiracy, author, Richard Kuhns reveals the secret to overcoming
this early programming.

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The Roots of the Pleasure Seeking and Survival Program that Cause Us to Eat Revealed
in New E-book

Middletown, NJ July 14, 2008 The secret to breaking free from emotional eating is to
understand that the brain has two built in directives: pleasure seeking and
survival. Both dictate eating behavior.

In his new e-book, The Scale Conspiracy, author, Richard Kuhns points out how
(because of the many holidays, special occasions, birthdays... celebrated every year
since child hood), the pleasure-seeking program brings attention, love, warmth, and
what else? Wall to wall food!

Little wonder the brain often says, \"Eat, you\'ll feel better; be nice to yourself;
it tastes good; you deserve it.\"

He goes on to explain that when you were a baby and you cried for most any reason
the answer was the bottle as you learned to associate food with frustration.

No wonder that decades later your brain often says, \"Eat, you\'ve had a rough day,\"
or \"Eat, you got a lot done today,\" or \"Given all the bull you\'ve put up with today,
you deserve something.\"

Thus when you feel frustrated, upset, down, happy, bored, excited... your brain
suggests having something to eat. It\'s simply the program.

It would seem obvious to eliminate emotional eating all is is needed is to be aware
of our emotions and correct the program.

Not so simple. In his e-book, he reveals how most of us have been trained to deny
our feelings, the brain doesn\'t say, \"Eat, you\'re happy or upset.\" It says, \"Eat
because it looks good.\"

By reading the Scale Conspiracy E-book you\'ll appreciate that a progressive approach
to losing weight involves asking questions \"What is missing here? It is clearly
insane to keep using the same dieting techniques when the results are so poor. It\'s
more important to gain a grasp on breaking free from emotional eating than it is to
read the scale. Besides focusing on the scale doesn\'t empower you to be a better
more enlightened person, whereas learning about how to handle emotional eating
empowers you in all aspects of life. Hypnotic suggestions are used in the book such
that the reader will find that what one really wants to eat is far more nutritious
and less in quantity than ever before imagined.

For more information about the Scale Conspiracy E-book or to schedule an interview
with Richard Kuhns please call him at 732-671-1085 or email him at or go to

About the author:

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E., NGH certified, author of the Scale Conspiracy E-book, has
operated a stress management facility for seventeen years where he conducted
hundreds of weight management seminars and has his top selling self help hypnosis
and stress management cds at


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