Doctor Reveals Why Your Medications May Be Hurting You

Released on: August 8, 2008, 9:43 am

Press Release Author: Innovative Healing

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr. Hyla Cass, author of "Supplement Your Prescription: What
Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutrition," will appear on the Access to Health
Experts Interview Series to explain the importance of using nutritional supplements
when taking prescription medications.

Press Release Body: August 8- One of the country's most foremost authors and
speakers on the subject of integrative medicine, Dr. Hyla Cass will appear on the
August 13th Access to Health Experts teleseminar series. She will discuss the
importance of using nutritional supplements when taking prescription medications to
prevent your body from losing essential nutrients.

According to Dr. Cass, prescription drugs can rob patients of the vitamins and
minerals their bodies need to overcome many health conditions. Since most doctors
have little knowledge about nutrition and how it affects your overall health and
well-being, it is unlikely that they will inform you how to supplement your
prescription. Dr. Cass reports that whether someone suffers from blood pressure,
high cholesterol, chronic heartburn (GERD), arthritis, diabetes, or depression, the
prescription drugs they are taking may actually make their condition worse.

Dr. Cass believes that a doctor should no longer be viewed as an authority figure,
but as a health partner. The dynamics of healthcare can be changed through
self-education, self-care, and shared responsibility.

At this informational teleseminar you will learn:
. How prescription drugs can rob you of essential vitamins and minerals your body
needs to heal
. How to supplement your prescription to avoid unwanted side effects
. The real story behind many chronic conditions
. How to become your own health advocate
. And of course, much more

To attend the free Access to Health Experts interview, visit

Written and audio transcripts are available after event from

About Dr. Hyla Cass
Dr. Cass is a member of the Advisory Board of Health Sciences Institute, Taste for
Life Magazine, and Total Health Magazine. She appears regularly as an expert in the
field, on radio, TV (including the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, and MSNBC), and
in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, The Toronto Star, Cosmopolitan, Time
Magazine, and People Magazine. She maintains a busy schedule of speaking
engagements at health-related events around the country, with topics ranging from
complementary medicine and psychiatry to stress reduction, and natural treatments
for addictions, anxiety disorders, and depression.

About Access to Health Experts:
Access to Health Experts is a monthly teleseminar interview series hosted by Liz
Lipski, PhD, CCN. The program features interviews with many of the most prominent
and authoritative experts in integrative medicine. Dr. Lipski is Director of
Doctoral Studies at Hawthorn University, a nationally-known nutritionist, and author
of Digestive Wellness and Digestive Wellness for Children. Access to Health Experts
is a membership website for health professionals and health consciousness consumers.
It is a major resource for corporate wellness and health professional education

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Asheville, NC 28804
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