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Released on: August 27, 2008, 6:52 pm

Press Release Author: Washington DC Metro Center Dentist - Dr. James E Johnson DDS,
& Associates

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: This is the story of a 50 year old patient who after wanting
to straighten his teeth for 30 years was finally able to do it, thanks to the
amazing modern day technology behind the invisible braces.

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Patient Success Story - Invisalign Treatment

It is never too late..

Recently, a new patient came to our dental office. He was a 50-year old male. Let us
call him Tom. Tom wanted to seek my advice on Invisalign treatment to straighten
his teeth.

During my initial interview, I asked Tom what prompted him to consider Invisalign.
Tom opened up to me and told this story.

Thirty five years ago, when he was a teenager, he wanted to straighten his teeth. At
that time his parents couldn\'t't afford the cost of braces. But Tom always wanted to
have a better smile. Now, at the age of 50 he could finally afford to pay for the

He chose Invisalign because he is too embarrassed to have traditional braces. He
felt that it would make him look like a teenager. Additionally, he wanted an option
that would have the least impact on his day-to-day life. He said, "Just imagine
going to an executive job interview with a mouth full of metal!"

During the initial dental examination I found that most of the correction required
for Tom was on his front teeth - a perfect case for Invisalign. After taking full
panoramic X-ray of Tom's mouth, I took impressions of his upper and lower teeth.

I had to make a few attempts to get perfect impressions for his upper and lower teeth.

Three weeks later.

After three weeks Tom's ClinCheck was ready. ClinCheck is actually a virtual video
software that will show the expected outcome, prior to even initiating the
treatment. One neat thing about ClinCheck is that it will show a demonstration of
the expected results using the actual teeth images of the patient.

So I invited Tom to view his ClinCheck, to make sure that he is happy with the
expected outcome from the treatment.

Better late than never.

When Tom saw the visual images of the expected results of his teeth, he was
ecstatic. He said, "I've been wanting to do this for the past 35 years. Thank you so
much for making my dream come true".

Invisalign Vs Traditional (Conventional) Braces

In general, Invisalign can be better than traditional braces for many people. If you
are considering this option, please call your dentist to have a comprehensive dental
exam and they will advise you if you a are good candidate for Invisalign.


1. Invisible, comfortable, least impact on your lifestyle.
2. Can be removed at will - better for maintaining good oral hygiene.
3. For most cases, it can be the same cost as traditional braces - sometimes less.


1. All the braces are made in advance - Hence finer adjustments in the middle of
the treatment are not easy.
2. For corrections that warrant tooth removal are done better with traditional
3. Since the braces are removable, user compliance is required for expected results.

Traditional Braces

1. Best suited for more complex cases.
2. When the correction requires tooth removal, traditional braces is a better
3. Your dentist will have a finer control throughout the treatment duration to
alter or adjust the end results.


1. More visits to our office is required.
2. Can interfere with good oral hygiene practices.
3. Teenagers accept metal braces as part of growing up. Yes, they are not
aesthetically appealing - especially if you are an adult.
Washington DC Metro Center Dentist - Dr. James E Johnson DDS, & Associates,
Washington DC
555 Twelfth Street NW, Washington D.C. 20004

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