Sensei For Weight Loss To Offer Web-only Version Of Innovative Mobile-based Weight Loss Approach

Released on: August 14, 2008, 7:27 am

Press Release Author: Maloney & Fox

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: With Nothing Comparable to it in the Weight Loss Market,
Sensei Offers Consumers an Individualized Plan Suited to Their Lifestyle

Press Release Body:
Sensei, Inc. (, a pioneer in mobile and Web-based wellness
solutions, today launched a Web-only version of its innovative weight loss program
at ( In honor of the announcement, Sensei today
launched a new, enhanced Web site and will offer a special introductory price to PC
users of $11.25 per month for Web-only access.

"Sensei was designed to be accessed via both a mobile phone and a computer, and
there is a large constituent of those seeking to lose weight which prefers to
participate in programs online. "Now they can add the experience of this practical
and long-lasting approach to weight loss to their Internet lifeline," said Dr.
Robert Schwarzberg, a cardiologist and Sensei chief executive officer. "Sensei is so
different from any other weight loss programs available today. It promotes simple
changes that easily become part of one's daily routine which, over time, lead to
long-term weight loss success and lifestyle changes. The program is a practical and
convenient solution for the millions of Americans who want to lose weight but do not
have the time to attend meetings, the inclination to count points and calories, or
the desire to be on a restrictive meal plan," Dr. Schwarzberg adds.

In November, Sensei Inc. ( introduced its next-generation
approach to health and weight management. This solution transforms a mobile phone
and computer into a "personal digital coach (PDC)." The new program, Sensei for
Weight LossTM, automatically delivers personalized meal plans, weekly shopping
lists, fitness information and motivational messages to a user's mobile phone
display or personal Web page - it's like having your own nutritionist and health
coach providing the right advice at the right time to make healthier choices.

Dr. Schwarzberg notes that unlike other weight loss solutions -- which use the
Internet merely as an additional tool to deliver its product and messages to a mass
audience -- Sensei for Weight LossT uses technology to develop a holistic weight
loss program customized to suit each user. Consumers can go to to
learn more about the program and enroll.

Sensei's new online look includes a crisp, clean design, appealing graphics,
motivational messages, blog entries, success stories, and useful information, such
as a body mass index (BMI) calculator, goal tracking and automated journaling.

The Sensei Approach
The Sensei program is among the first "intelligent applications" available based on
the science of behavioral informatics - the use of technology to promote behavior
change. This approach results from more than two years of development by Sensei
psychologist, physicians, nutritionist and engineers. The program draws on both Web
and mobile technologies to personalize the interaction with the user, maximize
convenience and, ultimately, to increase the user's prospects for weight-management
success. The experience begins online, where users enter their desired weight, food
preferences, eating habits, meal times, exercise routines and other personal
information. Sensei's expert system then generates a realistic, customized nutrition
and fitness plan.

Daily meal plans, weekly shopping list and menus are delivered via e-mail, making
them convenient and easy to follow. Sensei For Weight LossTM even accommodates the
spur-of-the-moment menu changes that challenge most dieters. For example, if a user
plans a home-made lunch but then decides to eat out, Sensei for Weight LossTM can
recommend an alternative meal that fits within the user's nutrition plan - and
deliver the recommendation instantly.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 2300 Glades Road
Suite 220 West
Boca Raton, FL 33431

P: (561) 208-4480
F: (561) 208-4485

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