The US Olympic Track and Field Team Didn`t Have to Lose Their Gold Medals

Released on: August 13, 2008, 7:59 pm

Press Release Author: Gary Addams

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The 2000 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team did not have to lose
their gold medals for using human growth hormone or HGH. Not when HGH releasers like
Trans-D Tropin are the safe and natural alternative to human growth hormone

Press Release Body: Seattle, WA ( NewyorkPressRelease ) - The 2000 U.S. Olympic
track and field 1600-meter relay team is back in the news again. But this time it's
not for prestigious honors, running accolades or even participation in the current
2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

It's for a dubious reason.

Members of this relay team have admitted to using International Olympic
Committee-banned substances like human growth hormone or HGH.

"If the 2000 U.S. Olympic track and field relay team knew anything about human
growth hormone releaser studies, none of this would have happened." So says Gary
Addams of, an
Internet site devoted to HGH releasers, a human growth hormone alternative.

So how could the U.S. track and field relay team have kept their gold medals? How
could they have avoided the public humiliation and disbarment that has ensued?

For starters, they didn't have to use human growth hormone injections. They could've
used a better alternative like Trans-D Tropin, a human growth hormone releaser that
many doctors recommend. Trans-D Tropin is made of natural compounds - there is
nothing in Trans-D Tropin that is banned by the IOC.

So why would the athletes risk using HGH and being barred from future Olympic games
when there are better alternatives?

While the track and field relay team may not know about Trans-D Tropin, they
certainly knew the significant advantages human growth hormone injections would give

So what are these advantages of human growth hormone - are they really that

Yes, they are. Human growth hormone offers many benefits, including:

. Increased energy levels
. Increased lean muscle mass
. Reduced recovery time between workouts
. Stronger bones
. Improved immunity levels

You can certainly see how human growth hormone can separate an Olympic athlete from
the rest of his competitors. There are many advantages to using HGH.

It seems the IOC knew about these advantages too, and they've banned HGH to keep the
Olympic playing field at an equal level for all participants.

Unfortunately, there are also human growth hormone side effects that HGH injections
are prone to.

But there is an alternative for Olympians that the IOC hasn't banned - and it's safe
for everyone to use - from Olympic athletes to regular people of all ages.

HGH releasers are the natural alternative to HGH. They are the safer choice because
they work within your body to release more of your own existing human growth
hormone. They help your body to feel younger, stronger and more resilient - whether
you're an Olympian or an average Joe.

Perhaps if the U.S. Olympic track and field relay team had known the facts about HGH
releasers like Trans-D Tropin, they could've avoided their current disaster and the
public humiliation of forfeiting their gold medals. is a web site dedicated to providing information to the public
regarding the risks of human growth hormone and the benefits of HGH releaser Trans-D
Tropin. Visit
for more information.


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Seattle, WA 75287, United States

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