20 people in the Franklin, TN area saw 60 percent or greater improvement in physical complaints in just 28 days this spring and summer

Released on: September 4, 2008, 9:04 pm

Press Release Author: Celeste Davis, The Wellness Workshop

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Half of those people saw a 99% or better improvement in
physical complaints, no prescription drugs, no special treatments AND dropped a
total of over 200 lbs.

How did they do it? With mostly raw, whole fruits and vegetables, 3 organic
nutritional supplements, mostly dehydrated green food to support their body as they
followed a body detoxification program.

Male, 47, \"my plantar fascitis is gone, I feel better than I have in a long time and
I lost 21 lbs during my detox. My wife did it first and lost 20 lbs but I was
skeptical at first, now I am a believer.\"

Female, 63: \"I am so pleased with the results of my detox. 12 lb weight loss, I
feel better than I have in years. I highly recommend this program to anyone.\"

Female, age 40: \"I can joyfully make it through my day with my 5 children.
Previously I was dragging by 3 pm. My husband\'s daily migraines are gone and his
cholesterol dropped into normal and holding one year later.\"

Female, 60 \"I believe the detox saved my life. My blood pressure dropped 60 points
in my first week! I lost 12 lbs and 100% of my physical complaints.\"

Male, age 31 \"I am blown away. I lost 21 lbs and virtually all of my medical
complaints. I have much less stress and my family is changing to a whole foods
diet. We are seeing much better behavior from my kids.\"

Press Release Body: The Wellness Workshop, located in the Cool Springs area of
Franklin, TN, gives people the tools to \"Improve your life by changing your food\".
In business since 2006, The Wellness Workshop has worked with many people in the
Nashville area and across the United States.

The Wellness Workshop is offering 3 classes in September. Two classes are at Whole
Foods Market on September 11 and September 30. The third is a teleclass on
September 13. If you would like to change your numbers; weight, blood pressure,
cholesterol, blood sugar. Lose weight, regain lost energy and maintain a lifetime
of feeling great, sign up now for a class and find out how. Click on Group Classes
at www.thewellnessworkshop.org. You will improve your life, just by changing your

Male, 38 \"my headaches were daily and lasted for hours on end. I was taking Rx
drugs that cost me $50 per pill. During the detox my headaches lessened and now
occur less than one time per week. I\'m not tired any more, and happier all day
long. I\'ve lost 13 lbs and 3 points of body fat. Praise the Lord!\"

Why does this program work so well? The body is finally getting the food it needs
for proper function. Mostly raw vegetables, fresh sweet fruit and healthy proteins
help the body to detoxify and give the body a break. Managing time and stress,
improving relationships and understanding how much time it takes to take good care
of you play an important part as well.

Topics for this month\'s Wellness Workshops:
September 11, 2008 at Whole Foods Cool Springs
6-8 pm Naturally Sweet, using natural sweeteners to replace refined sugar in your
favorite foods. This is a free class

September 13, 2008, Teleclass 8:30-9:30 am
How to help your body detox daily, $5.00

Tuesday, September 30 at Whole Foods Cool Springs
6-8 pm Extreme Breakfast Makeover
We will makeover biscuits and gravy to be low fat, low gluten and dairy free!
Watch, taste, learn. $20 includes meal, recipes and class.

Register on line at:

Web Site: http://http://wellnessworkshopcoolsprings.com/group_classes.html

Contact Details: Celeste Davis, Lifestyle & Detox Coach
Specializing in Whole Food
Improve your life by changing your food!
321 Billingsly Court, Suite 10
Franklin, TN 37067

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