Learn The Truth About Your Food

Released on: September 17, 2008, 5:26 pm

Press Release Author: Tera Warner

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: What you don't know about your food may be killing you. Dr.
Adiel Tel-Oren brings the facts that will improve your health, and change your life.

Press Release Body: Some say "What you don't know, can't hurt you," but when it
comes to food, ideas like this can be deadly! The fact is that every day 98% of
North Americans are ingesting food they know nothing about and the toxic
consequences have lead to ever climbing rates of child-onset cancer, diabetes and
other blood sugar disorders, to name just a few.

If you still buy into the four food groups, the idea that "protein makes you big and
strong" or the idea that "milk does a body good," then you are among the millions of
people who have been duped by one of the greatest marketing scandals of all time.

In a society plagued with more allergies and intestinal cancer than ever before, one
has no choice but to look to the subject of food and nutrition to find the answers.
Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, DC, CCN, DACBN, LN, DABOM, FABDA, has brought cold, hard
science and common sense nutrition together in a way that has never been done

Beginning on October 26, this provocative series of teleseminars by Dr. Tel-Oren
promises to shed some light on food, nutrition and your health!

Learn the Truth About Protein: In today's protein powdered, anti-carb society, the
last thing any of us should be worried about is getting enough protein. In this
revealing teleseminar, you'll find out why we should be much more concerned about
consuming excess protein than suffering from a deficiency.

Learn the Truth About Sugar: Carbohydrate has become a four-letter word, and yet
diabetes and other blood sugar related conditions such as hypo/hyperglycemia are
becoming virtually common household terms. The reasons aren't what you think they
are. Dr. Tel-Oren explains the real cause of your blood sugar disorders and how to
turn it around in his second teleseminar.

Learn the Truth About Fat: In this day of "bad fat," "good fat," "low fat" and
"no fat," you'll benefit from this teleseminar that demystifies fat once and for
all, so that you can know the facts and decide for yourself.

Learn the Truth About Processed Foods: It's the age of "Dinner-in-a-Box," people no
longer consider the most obvious fact that foods with a shelf life have been "fixed"
so that even the stupidest bugs and bacteria on the planet wouldn't eat them!! After
this teleseminar, when you learn the truth about processed foods and what they do to
your body, neither will you!

The Top 10 Foods You Should Include In Your Diet: Even though we're living in a
time of abundance, most people are still suffering from nutritional deficiencies.
Here, Dr. Tel-Oren will teach you which foods will counteract deficiency, control
allergies, and allow you to eat until you're satisfied without the negative effect
of too many calories.

The Truth About Supplements: The world is justifiably becoming skeptical of science
and modern medicine, and yet the alternative health movement is riddled with
mystical ideologies and charlatanism. Finally, a middle path is offered by
ecological health pioneer, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren. You will learn which supplements are
good, which are bad, and how you can tell them apart. Find out what top 10
supplements the media would like you to think you need, and why these are NOT the
supplements you should be taking!!

Future presentations will include the topics of caffeine, cancer, autism spectrum
disorders, mood disorders, and much more.

Beware the physician whose pockets are lined with pharmaceutical profits! Get the

(This series of teleseminars is being offered free as an educational service to the
public. Registrations close October 26th!)

It's been said that the only things you cannot control are the things you don't
fully understand. Now, you will finally have the information you need to take
control and make both immediate and long-term changes in your health.

For more information on Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren's program, visit his website, The Truth
About Your Food

Web Site: http://www.thetruthaboutyourfood.com

Contact Details: 2710 Thomes Ave.
Suite 246
Cheyenne, WY 82001

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