Relaxa launches wellness and health days for companies UK-wide

Released on: September 18, 2008, 6:36 am

Press Release Author: Relaxa Posture Group

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Relaxa has launched its health days and wellness days for
companies UK-wide. The health and wellness days are a very cost effective way to
reward your staff and educate staff on how to deal with stress and manage their
wellbeing in a more effective way.

Press Release Body: Relaxa is a leading UK provider of employee health and wellbeing
and wellness services and employs more than 600 medical practitioners, stress and
wellbeing, diet and nutritional health, back pain and ergonomics consultants and
massage and class practitioners throughout the United Kingdom servicing more than
1,000 clients.

Range of health and wellness services provided by Relaxa include:

i) On-site massage treatments - Relaxa provides fully clothed massage treatments;
these are designed for health days and for the workplace. Treatments include On-Site
Acupressure Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Hand Massage, Reiki, Facial
Massage and others.

ii) 20-minute On-Site health screening sessions for staff - this is provided by one
of Relaxas experienced medical professionals.

iii) One-hour de-stress, health and wellness workshops these can be tailored to
meet the needs of the client.

iv) One-hour diet and nutritional health workshops and talks the workshops can be
tailored to meet the needs of the client, each of the workshops are designed for an
hour and clients are provided with information.

v) One-hour back pain, posture and RSI workshops and talks Relaxa provide
information on the different topics covered for each of the workshops.

vi) A range of 60-minute classes which includes Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and
meditation classes the classes can either be part of an employee health day or as
part of regular booking On-site at your offices where Relaxa can cater for different
levels with a beginner, intermediate or advanced classes.

vii) Lifestyle and wellbeing 1-to-1 consultations consists of a Relaxa consult
spending 20 minutes with each participating employee.

viii) Lifestyle, wellbeing and exercise goal setting questionnaires Relaxa
provides this as part of an employee health day or health event.

ix) 20-minute food allergy/food intolerance test appointments the food allergy
tests are provided by highly qualified diet and nutritional health consultants.

x) 20-minute diet and nutrition one-to-one consultations a Relaxa diet and
nutritional health consultant will spend time with each participant reviewing their
diet and dietary habits.

xi) Ergonomics, back pain and RSI consultations Relaxa can create a mock
workstation with chair and a manual handling setup where we will provide attendees
with advice on improving their posture at their workstation and manual handling tips
and advice.

xii) Stress and wellness exhibition area with information boards, videos and handouts.

xiii) Diet and nutritional health exhibition area with information boards, videos
and handouts.

xiv) Posture and back pain exhibition with information boards, videos and handouts.

xv) De-stress promotional items for the exhibition areas.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Elstree Business Centre,
Elstree Way,

Rodney Epstein
020 8624 6000

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