A Mysterious herb for healing is spotted - salvia!

Released on: October 30, 2008, 3:03 pm

Press Release Author: Cedric Marvin

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The herb used for healing is nothing but salvia. Nowadays no
need of searching for to pick up an herb or to buy a product. Just sit in at leisure
hours and spare few minutes to select the flavors and range of salvia divinorum it
will be delivered home.Salvianoid.com also provides information about the
concentration to be used and hence is a safer method.

Press Release Body: October 2008 - Salvianoid is a US based herbal firm which
assures the users of ultimate pleasure. Salvianoid.com is must visit website which
provides detailed information for their users.

It is mandatory to know more on the mysterious herb called salvia but it is actually misunderstood by many.
One should know and experience all the wonderful and enlightening effects that it
has to offer. There are many flavors of salvia divinorum provided with different
concentration strengths such as Apple, Spearmint and Strawberry. There are various
ranges and one can choose from the 5x, 10 xs, 20 xs, 40 xs and 60x salvia extracts
to suit all their personal needs.

Salvia Divinorum provides very safe and
enjoyable experience. Salvia is legal in most country and state. It will be made
legal in other countries also within few days Salvia is almost licensed actually the
salvia plant was traditionally used by
indigenous people for healing and shamanic vision because of its unique properties
when it is being chewed or smoked. Actually no membership is required. Tracking is
also done inside the member area .Once purchased in salvianoid.com the address is
saved for further purchase; the address is also joined in the mailing list for
special coupons and promotions. All plants are packaged in discreet plain bags or
boxes. At Salvianoid.com, a good quality salvia divinorum extracts are supplied.

To know more about the different products about salvia and the attractive offers
visit www.salvianoid.com

There are also starter packs offered so that a person who is new but curious can
easily experience it. The starter pack will also benefit experienced users. Once
decided to buy salvia it can be bought through safe and secure online purchase
facilities at salvianoid.com. In Salvianoid.com a flexible range of payment
methods are there to suit or ease mode of payment and salvia is also delivered
straight to one's residence , no matter about in which part of the world one live .
Once when one browses through the site www.salvianoid.com at leisure, they can select
the range and the flavor of salvia divinorum
and have a trial even using starter pack.

Salvia accepts all types of credit cards visa, master card etc. Payment made through
this site is highly safe and secure. There are no third party risks here. All the
goods are shipped in the presence of an experienced person of the firm.

Actually the initial users are advised to try salvia first at lower concentration
strengths, to familiarize with the physical and psychological effects of the herb
before moving onto higher strength concentrations. However, a bundle of salvia like the Rookie Pack is the best option.
The Rookie pack is the starters pack.

In www.salvianoid.com, the ultimate privacy
for the user is provided. The necessary information such as name address alone is
collected. The information sis never shared with external parties. The credit/debit
card information is not collected. The gift cards are also offered so that it can be
gifted such that the receiver will be surprised by salvianoid.com.

3141 E-75 Piper Lane,
website: www.salvianoid.com

Web Site: http://www.salvianoid.com

Contact Details: 3141 E-75 Piper Lane,
website: www.salvianoid.com

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