Hospital Angeles of Tijuana, part of Grupo Angeles, Mexico`s Largest Private Hospital Group, Partners With Health Travel Guides to Manage Its Medical Tourism Business Infrastructure

Released on: October 5, 2008, 4:35 pm

Press Release Author: Health Travel Guidess

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Grupo Angeles has entered a technology licensing agreement
with Health Travel Guides to manage and scale its medical tourism IT operations,
which currently serve hundreds of US patients per month at its modern flagship
facility Hospital Angeles in Tijuana.

Press Release Body: SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – September 8, 2008 – Health Travel Guides
(HTG), a medical tourism company that provides the most comprehensive technology
platform for health travel management, has signed an agreement with Grupo Angeles,
the parent company of Mexico’s largest private hospital group, Hospital Angeles, to
provide the technology infrastructure for managing its medical tourism operations.

“Our core business is providing behind the scenes operational support for
international health care providers,” said Health Travel Guides CEO Herb Stephens.
”Our technology platform has been architected specifically to take the headache out
of providing medical tourism services for large international hospitals, especially
the surgery quote and patient flow from multiple medical tourism agencies.”

“We work with a number of medical tourism companies bringing us an ever-increasing
number of patients,” said Paulo Yberri, chief executive officer of Hospital Angeles
Tijuana. “Our interest in Health Travel Guides is its technology infrastructure
they have spent years and millions developing, which gives us a centralized process
to streamline our operations and effectively manage our existing partnerships with
medical tourism agencies.”

Health Travel Guides is the first and only technology and services company dedicated
to managing the complex needs and growth of the medical tourism industry. Its
systems currently process more than 1 million international travelers representing
more than $500 million in financial transactions per year.

“Our technology platform allows Grupo Angeles to focus on its strength - delivering
affordable, high-quality health care in its specializations of cardiology,
bariatric, orthopedic and stem cell procedures - while Health Travel Guides focuses
on what we do best: providing and operating the technology and services
infrastructure to manage all aspects of their rapidly growing medical tourism
business,” says Stephens.

According to Stephens, Health Travel Guides is the ideal solution for any business
currently offering, or wishing to offer, medical tourism services – including
medical tourism agencies,online travel agencies, hospitals, insurers and businesses.

“Our goal is to support the marketing, operations and brand objectives of medical
tourism providers, and align our success with theirs,“ said Stephens.

Medical tourism continues to garner considerable attention as a growing number of
U.S. employers, consumers and other stakeholders explore cost effective health care
options for their organizations. Experts currently estimate the size of the medical
tourism market to reach $100 Billion by 2012. According to Stephens, this increased
volume creates a significant issue for international health care providers servicing
an international patient base.

Recently, MarketWatch published news of a Brief by the National Business Group on
Health (NGBH), on employer related medical tourism. The Brief underscores the need
for an infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated growth in health travel. The
NGBH is a national non-profit organization of large employers devoted exclusively to
finding innovative and forward-thinking solutions to their health care and benefit

“Medical tourism is here,” said Stephens. “We’re well beyond the point of asking, is
this a safe, quality option? The superb level of health care in Mexico and other
countries is indisputable. The question now is how can the volume be most
effectively managed? Health Travel Guides provides a centralized, automated system
for managing medical tourism - not just booking procedures and travel, but also
strategic marketing, web page hosting, quote management from multiple sources, as
well as accounting, billing, collections, loan servicing and insurance offerings.”

About Grupo Angeles
The Grupo Angeles network of hospitals is the largest private hospital network in
Mexico, with twenty Hospitals throughout Mexico, and $700 million currently invested
to build an additional twelve facilities over the next five years. . Grupo Angeles
offers a range of specialties such as bariatric surgery and adult stem cell
research. Facilities feature state-of-the art operating rooms and diagnostic
services and attract the finest board-certified medical and surgical practitioners
throughout Baja California.

Hospitals in the Grupo Angeles network are modern, offering upscale accommodations
such as master suites that cater to the international patient population. Patients
experience a warm and comforting medical and healthcare environment, featuring
dedicated units for every level of patient services, from neonatal to intermediate
to emergency and intensive care.

About Health Travel Guides
A technology and services company, HTG operates and licenses an award-winning
platform specifically developed to handle the many demands of health travel.

Founded in 2006, and headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in
San Diego California, Health Travel Guides is a privately held company. Health
Travel Technologies is a subsidiary of Health Travel Guides. Health Travel
Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality care abroad
to people who are unable to afford health care procedures or services.

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call 1-866-978-2573 or email us at

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Chief Marketing Officer
Health Travel Guides
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