RG Stone announces success of Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy, Gives New Life to Three Patients with Kidney Stones

Released on: October 18, 2008, 8:04 am

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Press Release Summary: RG Hospital Only Institute in Punjab to possess Holmium Laser
Flexible Ureteroscopy

Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy - Latest & Most Advanced Treatment for Kidney

Press Release Body: Ludhiana, October 18, 2008 ::

RG Stone and Super Speciality Hospital, part of the RG Stone Hospital Chain, India's
only national chain of Super Specialty hospitals for Urology & Laparoscopy,
announced the successful treatment of three patients suffering from Kidney Stones by
Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy here today. RG Stone and Super Speciality
Hospital, located at Model Town, Ludhiana, is the only institute in Punjab to
possess the Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy, which is widely recognized as the
latest & most advanced treatment for Kidney Stones available today.

All three patients were unsuitable candidates for treatment by older techniques and
had resigned themselves to their disease due to the unavailability of the Holmium
Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy in the region till recently. Now, with the availability
of the technology and expertise at RG Stone Hospital, the patients got a new lease
on life when Dr. Anand Sehgal, M.Ch. (Urology) and Chief Endoscopic & Laparoscopic
Urologist, RG Stone and Super Speciality Hospital, Ludhiana, successfully operated
upon them.

Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy is the latest Minimally Invasive technique for
treating Kidney Stones utilizing the natural urinary passage. The Flexible
Ureteroscope, an endoscope of very small caliber, is introduced through ureter into
the kidney. This endoscope can visualize stones in any part of the kidney. Stones
are fragmented using the Holmium Laser. The laser fragments the stones into sand
like particles, which are then flushed out through the natural urinary passage. As
Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy can fragment stones of all composition with very
high precision, it is widely considered the most effective treatment for Kidney

Before the advent of the Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy, there were a number of
techniques used for the treatment of Kidney Stones. These included Open Surgery,
PerCutaneous NephrostoLithotomy (PCNL) KeyHole Surgery, Extracorporeal Shock-Wave
Lithotrispy (ESWL) and Rigid Ureteroscopy, each of which, however, has its own
limitations. Open Surgery requires large incisions on skin & prolonged recovery time
and hence is not recommended for most patients.

PCNL Keyhole Surgery requires a puncture to be made in kidney to remove the stone
which may not be appropriate for a small stone in the kidney. On the other hand,
Flexible Ureteroscopy does not require any holes. PCNL Keyhole Surgery is unsafe for
patients with heart trouble or those on certain drugs like blood thinning medicines
etc. However, Flexible Ureteroscopy is safe even there. Also Flexible Ureteroscopy
has a shorter recovery time than PCNL Keyhole Surgery.

ESWL also has several limitations. Harder Kidney Stones like Calcium Oxalate
Monohydrate Stones or Cystine Stones are too hard to be crushed by Lithotripsy. On
the other hand, Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy can break even the hardest of
stones. Also Lithotripsy has poor results in stones lying in the lower part of
kidney, while Flexible Ureteroscopy is successful even for stones in the lower part
of kidney. Flexible Ureteroscopy has a success rate of over 90% while that of
Lithotripsy is 70-80%. Many times Lithotripsy requires multiple sittings to remove
even smallish stones, while Flexible Ureteroscopy can destroy the same stone in a
single session. Lithotripsy is not very successful for stones in Congenitally
Malformed Kidneys while Flexible Ureteroscopy is successful even there.

Rigid Ureteroscopy is quite similar to Flexible Ureteroscopy with exception that the
Ureteroscope being rigid, its area of treatment is limited only to Lower Ureter or
Mid Ureter, and it cannot treat stones in the Upper Ureter or in the kidney.
Flexible Ureteroscopy, on the other hand, can treat stones in the Upper Ureter or in
the kidney too. The Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy is quite successful in
removing even those stones which are left behind after treatment with PCNL Keyhole
Surgery or Lithotripsy.

The other advantages of Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy over conventional
procedures are stone fragmentation into very fine particles, minimal chances of
stone migrating to kidney & need of Lithotripsy, no risk of injury to the ureter,
bloodless surgery, hospital stay of approx. 24 -48 hours only and no need for
reentry with endoscopes for retrieval of fragments thus minimizing the risk for
possible Ureteric Strictures etc.

With the availability of Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy now at Ludhiana, its
various advantages lead to the success of the three operations.

The first patient, Mr Deepak Gupta, a Bathinda resident aged 42, has his right
kidney in an abnormal position by birth due to which he repeatedly developed Kidney
Stones. Even after undergoing Lithotripsy twice in the last two years, he still
could not get relief. He had lost hope till RG Stone offered the option of Holmium
Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy. He successfully underwent the Flexible Ureteroscopy at
the RG Ludhiana Hospital and achieved complete clearance of the Kidney Stone. He was
discharged the next day after an uneventful total hospital stay of 36 hours.

The second patient, Mr Avtar Singh, a Ludhiana resident aged 65, is a chronic heart
disease patient and has to regularly take blood thinning medicines. He was earlier
an unsuitable candidate for surgery to remove Kidney Stone because his blood
thinning medications could not be stopped and was a high risk candidate for general
anaesthesia. He too was taken up for Flexible Ureteroscopy at the center and was
discharged after successful treatment with a hospital stay of 48 hours only.
Follow-ups show that the stone has been completely cleared and there is no evidence
of pain since surgery.

The third patient, Mrs Satinder Kaur, a resident of Malout (Muktsar), aged 44,
suffered from stones in both her kidneys. She underwent Bilateral Lithotripsy more
than a year ago but without success. Her bleeding and pain continued. Then she
underwent Flexible Ureteroscopy at RG Stone Ludhiana for both kidneys. Both stones
were successfully removed with immediate relief in pain and subsequent stoppage of
bleeding too.

With the success of the Holmium Laser Flexible Ureteroscopy in treating even the
toughest of Kidney Stones, RG Stone has brought new hope and succor to the populance
of the region.

The RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospitals Chain is India's only national chain of
Super Speciality hospitals for Urology and Laparoscopy offering all available
modalities of Stone Disease Management and Prostate Disease Management. The ISO
9001:2000 certified organization, was established in 1987 with its foundation in
Mumbai. Today RG Stone centers are present in 12 cities in India including Mumbai,
Delhi, Kolkata, Rajkot, Goa, Mohali, Jaipur, Agra, Chennai, Ludhiana, Moradabad and
Bangalore. The founder CMD of the chain, Dr. Bhim Sen Bansal, is widely recognized
as the 'Father of Lithotripsy' in India. He began with a vision of providing new &
revolutionary technologies in the field, and quality standards at par with
international ones, to the masses of India. Today the hospitals offer US FDA
Approved, state-of-the-art equipment along with medical specialists with unmatched
expertise in the field. The combination of the most advanced equipment with the best
doctors in the field has helped RG Stone achieve many "first"s and "only"s in India.

RG Stone holds the Guinness Record for treating a 13 cm Kidney Stone. RG Stone is
the first Super Speciality Urology Hospital in India. It is also the first hospital
to install Siemens Lithotripsy in India and the first to install 100 Watt Holmium
Laser in India. RG Stone is the first institute in India to treat a kidney stone
patient with permanent cardiac pacemaker. It is also the first institute to perform
Laparoscopy assisted PCNL for a Pelvic Kidney Staghorn. RG Stone has treated stone
patients as young as 9 months & as old as 107 years. With over twenty years of
experience in the field, the RG Hospitals have treated over 1,00,000 patients all
over India including 6,500 patients from abroad. ***

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