Gastric Band - £3980, inlcuding 3 x-ray assited refills


Released on: March 16, 2009, 6:11 am
Author: Beautiful Beings
Industry: Healthcare

The Gastric Band surgery will be carried out in a specialist state hospital in Prague.

Gastric Band surgery is not an instant solution to weight loss. Having a gastric band fitted will assist in decreasing overall daily food intake and can help you achieve a sustainable weight.

The Gastric band works by causing a feeling of fullness when eating and will enable you to reduce your daily intake of food and calories. The gastric band will make you eat less, it will reduce the sensation of hunger and will progressively aide weight loss.

This is achieved by placing the band around the uppermost part of the stomach, dividing it into two sections, with a small opening between sections which allows food to pass through. The section above the band forms a small pouch that fills with food quickly.

Having the gastric band fitted will lead to a healthier lifestyle and lower the risks of obesity related illnesses However changing your eating habits is an important part of the gastric band surgery process. The gastric band will help you to achieve substantial weight loss and reduce the risk of obesity related illnesses. To achieve the maximum benefits from having the gastric banding, post-operative discipline is an important part of the process.

You will need to go on a diet immediately after the gastric band surgery. You will obtain a detailed dietary plan with essential and important advice from your specialists. After the gastric band surgery you can consult the plan with a dietologist recommended by your doctor.

Generally it means that following the gastric banding you will only be able to consume liquid food within the first four weeks such as soup, tea, coffee, unsweetened drinks, fruit and vegetable fruits, yoghurts etc. You will need to reduce the amount of fluids consumed and not eat or drink large amounts at once.

The following two weeks you will be able to eat small portions of mushy, mixed food.

Next the diet will be replaced with common food. Please consult your doctor for more detailed information.

These slow changes of eating habits are important for your recovery. During this process the gastric band will be, thanks to body tissue, firmly placed on the appropriate part of your stomach. Consuming large portions or frequent consumption of solid food increases the risk of dislocating (moving) the gastric band out of its position or the possibility of gradual upper stomach pocket stretching. The consequence might be reduced weight loss and in some cases necessity for re-operation.

Following the gastric banding you might find some food hard to eat. You will need to chew your food more carefully than before the gastric band surgery. Keep in mind that even after the gastric banding there is no quick solution to reduce your weight. The results depend upon your ability to respect recommendations concerning your diet and exercise routine.

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