Slimband Offers Toronto Weight Loss Surgery Options To Prolong Life


Released on: June 17, 2009, 8:54 am
Industry: Healthcare

Achieving a manageable weight is not an easy endeavor for all. However, it is imperative to a happy and healthy life. Slimband, a revolutionary way of achieving this manageable weight, is a new approach to bariatric surgery. This method helps you to not only lose weight, but to keep the weight off. This manageable solution will help anyone who has struggled with long-term weight control in the past.

Losing weight for most people isn't the problem, but staying motivated to keep it off. A goal weight is met, and the pounds start to pile back on. In fact, various studies have concluded that 95% of people who lose weight put the weight back on in 2-3 years. That number is astonishing but toronto weight loss surgery with the use of Slimband is the answer. For those who have experienced this experience, Slimband can provide an alternative to starting the weight loss journey all over again.

Slimband involves no diets and gives the individual an increased energy level, which helps them to burn calories more readily. From an increased self-confidence to improved physical appearance and a sustainable weight loss method, Slimband has a high success rate for those choosing to embark on bariatric surgery. With an, "Eat what you want" mentality with an internal portion control system, Slimband lowers the risk of weight-related health issues for a patient's future.

What exactly is Slimband and what would happen if I choose to embark on Toronto weight loss surgery? Slimband is an adjustable and reversible process that includes the attachment of a band to the top of one's stomach. This forms a small gastric pouch which reduces the food intake abilities a person can hold. A port is placed under the skin and medical staff can adjust the amount of solution that goes into the band to tighten or loosen it depending on the weight loss process and the weight loss goals involved.

Ultimately, the Slimband process includes two steps. First, the surgical implantation of the band and then a 4 year follow up plan that includes nutrition counseling, professional fitness programs and fill adjustments depending on the results and/or needs of the particular bariatric surgery patient.

While weight loss can be a great change for someone's lifestyle, it also significantly prolongs someone's life, for the risk of heart disease; type II diabetes and high cholesterol are lowered as excess weight decreases.

For someone interested in Slimband and Toronto Weight Loss Surgery, they should be prepared to ask their potential surgeon several questions before agreeing to Bariatric surgery. Some of these questions include:

# Who in fact will be doing this surgery?
# What are the qualifications they have to do this procedure?
# What is the cost for consultation with this surgeon?
# What is the cost for Slimband / Toronto Weight loss surgery?
# Are there any complications I should be aware of?

After deciding whether Slimband is for you, a consultation will occur with a professional bariatric surgeon who is experienced in Slimband. From there, your options will be provided to you as well as any questions answered that you need before deciding to finalize your plan for Toronto Weight Loss Surgery.

For more information on toronto weight loss surgery or Bariatric Surgery, visit or call 416-482-2988 or toll-free 1-800-308-5458. The Slimband method will change your life forever. What are you waiting for? Log on today!

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