Drug Rehab Services Helps Ontario OxyContin Abusers


Released on: July 3, 2009, 6:43 am
Author: Drug Rehab Service
Industry: Healthcare

Montreal, Quebec – OxyContin abuse is a very serious problem that does impact the residents of Ontario. Drug Rehab Services receives many calls from families looking for help who have a loved one slowly dying form an OxyContin addiction. “OxyContin has many other brand names,” comments Marcel, owner of Drug Rehab Services, “it is also know as Supeudol, Enodcet, Oxycocet, and the slang term ‘hillbilly heroin’.” OxyContin or Oxycodone has caused many overdoses and deaths in the province of Ontario. In 1990, the Chief Medical Examiner of Ontario, Dr. Barry Mclellan, asked forensic scientists to go back and review the death files of people who died from drug overdoses for the past five years in Ontario. The findings were quite shocking, between 1999 and 2003, there was a four to five fold increase in deaths where Oxycodone was detected in the blood stream.

Following a brief timeline; in 2000 the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reported a %400 increase in Oxycodone related deaths. In 2001, Oxycodone abuse was highly publicized all throughout North America. In 2003, 101 people died in Ontario with Oxycodone found in their blood stream. This was ten times more than one decade ago. 2004; the FDA strengthened warnings about Oxycodone and its many products, this was also followed by warnings issued by Perdu Pharma, the company that was marketing OxyContin. In 2005, a story reported on CTV about a young Ontario man named Kyle Blythe, whose doctor prescribed him OxyContin for tendonitis in his wrist. One hundred thousand dollars later, OxyContin destroyed his life, and took away his wife and home. Kyle then entered a legal methadone maintenance program to help get off of the OxyContin.

Drug Rehab Service has compiled a database of over 4000 different resources, and this includes resources for people looking for help in Ontario. If you are requiring help for an OxyContin addiction in Ontario, call the counsellors at Drug Rehab Services at, 1-877-254-3348, or visit their website at, http://drug-rehab.ca/

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