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Released on: July 23, 2009, 7:46 am
Author: Steve Anders
Industry: Healthcare

Many customers looking for an online pharmacy selling the medicine they have been prescribed probably wonder which online pharmacy is the best. The final decision is usually made taking into consideration the most important factor: which pharmacy can offer a balance – a very low price, as there are always other things you can spend your money on, without compromising the quality of the drug you purchase. This is a key factor that determines whether a customer will place an order or leave and keep looking for a better deal. There are too many online drugstores that make a fortune selling fake drugs to gullible customers who then suffer many side effects in addition to not receiving the treatment they need. The only way you can make sure your medicine is authentic is by purchasing it from sites cooperating with trustworthy manufacturers. is proud to offer new amazingly cheap generic products by the world-famous manufacturer – the Cipla Company (The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories) established in 1935 by Dr K A Hamied from whom the company received the first original formulas for a number of drugs. Cipla has been in the market for long enough to learn that lower price attracts more customers, while high quality keeps them coming for more. This policy makes it possible for you to save considerable money when shopping with Manufacturing facilities that belong to Cipla have been approved by the FDA (USA) and a number of other authorities of the kind in different countries in the world. Cipla produces and distributes legally manufactured drugs, after which the medicine is thoroughly tested and checked to make sure it will have the right effects on your health. When placing your order with this online discount pharmacy you pay less and get more – and this looks like a good deal for anyone looking to save money without affecting the quality.

Contact Details: Express Delivery Inc.

Mailing address
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. # 1707
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Phone numbers:
800-400-8079 (International)
413-241-7404 (US only)

Fax number:
1-413-638-0491 (US)

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