Prescription Drug Abuse Throughout Ontario - OxyContin® On The Chopping Block


Released on: July 7, 2009, 5:56 am
Author: Drug Rehab Service
Industry: Healthcare

Montreal , Quebec - This year the province of Ontario , Canada is leading an extensive investigation into the misuse and abuse of OxyContin. This is a particular pharmaceutical that can be paid for by Ontario 's public drug plan, unfortunately these prescriptions have tripled in the last five years. The Health Minister of Ontario wants to find out if the people getting the OxyContin really do need it. Drug Rehab Services has been on the receiving end of this, this particular drug rehab placement agency handles hundreds of calls from people in Ontario looking for help for OxyContin abuse. "Our calls have been on the rise and the most common question asked is how can I get help for Oxy abuse. Fortunately we have built a very large database of over 4000 different treatment centers across Canada , and do provide many different resources for Ontario residents." Says Marcel Gemme, owner of Drug Rehab Services.

OxyContin is a slow release pain medicine that is mainly intended for people in extreme or chronic pain. The drug has a long history of being abused in ways of crushing the drug and snorting it, chewing the drug and mixing with alcohol, and even breaking the drug down and injecting it into your veins. OxyContin is given out so freely in Ontario , and it is not uncommon for abusers of OxyContin to be double doctoring; visiting multiple doctors complaining of symptoms of pain. Apparently there is no way of tracking whom has been prescribed, and in the last five years there was 450 deaths due to OxyContin overdose in Ontario.

This investigation has also led health regulators in the United States to make sure the producers of opiod painkillers strengthen their safety measures in order to prevent the misuse and abuse. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States is concerned about the rising numbers of overdoses and accidental deaths due to OxyContin, which has increased over the past ten years. The counsellors at Drug Rehab Services will continue to provide the best possible resources for those struggling with OxyContin abuse. If you or someone you know is struggling with an OxyContin addiction, call their toll free hotline at, 1-877-254-3348, or visit the website at,

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