Private Addiction Treatment is Worth the Cost


Released on: July 31, 2009, 5:25 am
Author: Sunset Malibu
Industry: Healthcare

[Malibu, CA] — Sunset Malibu, an exclusive treatment center on the California coast, is a true transformational force in the field of rehabilitation and recovery. Now, Sunset is announcing its redoubled commitment to helping patients win the long-term fight against substance abuse.

Addiction is a resilient disease. Successful addiction treatment must mount a sustained and determined response. The best rehab facilities are those that pay closest attention to the long-term needs of their clients. There’s simply no other way to guarantee recovery over the long run.

Those considerations, in turn, are at the heart of Sunset Malibu’s long-term treatment philosophy.

With its world-class caregivers and elegant accommodations, Sunset Malibu is an unparalleled recovery destination. The Exclusive Drug Treatment Center has always catered to upscale individuals from every corner of the globe. Now Sunset is renewing its commitment to its core values, with the goal of delivering long-term, life-changing care to individuals who seek it. At Sunset Malibu, the client’s future always comes first.

“Addiction recovery never happens overnight,” said Sunset Malibu owner Richard Taite. “Our clients come to us because they need support at every step along the road to wellness, from Detox through sober living and aftercare programs. It’s our responsibility as a rehabilitation facility to ensure that they get what they’re seeking. “

That sense of long-term responsibility sets Sunset apart from many of its competitors.

Quite often, even the highest-priced treatment facilities in California focus on the short-term successes of their clients. This is a tremendous mistake. While it’s important to celebrate incremental progress in the fight against addiction, that celebration can’t be allowed to obscure the big picture. More often than not, institutions which lose sight of rehab’s ultimate goal fail to help patients reach it.

Those shortcomings, Taite argues, are inexcusable.

“It’s not enough to stay sober for a few months, or even a few years,” Taite said. “The only meaningful recovery is the kind that lasts forever. At Sunset Malibu, we help our residents develop the strength they’ll need to stay sober over the long run, with everything from holistic life counseling to professional depression treatment.”

There are no shortcuts to addiction recovery. The only successful rehab patients are those who receive competent, compassionate support through every phase of their rehab experience. Sunset Malibu has a long history of delivering precisely that sort of assistance to its residents. As the center’s graduates have learned firsthand, no gift could ever be more precious than that.

Contact Details: Sunset Malibu is a luxury Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center located in Malibu, California. If you are looking for the best California Drug Treatment Center you can stop your search now. For further details about Sunset’s treatment strategies, accommodations, or other general facts, please call 1-800-332-9202 or visit our Web site at

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