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Released on: September 9, 2009, 4:02 am
Author: Luxury Drug Rehab
Industry: Healthcare

[Malibu, CA] - Affluent eating disorder victims typically seek the services of rehab centers that can help them heal without sacrificing their elegant living standards. Unfortunately, that search is often impeded by a lack of transparency in the luxury rehabilitation industry.

Now, though, prospective patients have a trusted source on the inside. is pleased to announce a new referral service linking affluent eating disorder victims to the best treatment and recovery facilities on earth. The goal of is to help those victims find the facility that's exactly right for them. To do that, the service provides clients with expert personal advice and a thorough understanding of the treatment options available to them.

Given the differences between and among various luxury treatment facilities, that sort of insight can often make all the difference in the world.

Eating disorder recovery is an arduous process. To complete it successfully, patients must feel wholly supported in their efforts, and wholly comfortable in their environments. The practical implication, of course, is that those patients need help from rehab facilities that are entirely committed to meeting their personal needs. In the end, only a perfect match between client and caregiver can produce meaningful and lasting healing.

Unfortunately, many eating disorder treatment centers take active steps to preclude the possibility of that ideal partnership.

Every rehab facility engages in online advertising. Some facilities make good-faith efforts to accurately represent their services and amenities. Many more facilities, though, make exaggerated or outright deceitful claims about their treatment programs. As should go without saying, those facilities routinely fall short of their own standards-and routinely fail to help their clients achieve sustainable sobriety.

For rehab patients and their families, those sorts of failures can lead to disaster.

Eating disorders ruin lives. Eating disorder treatment can save them-but only if it's administered with honesty, empathy, and expertise. has proven itself capable of helping clients find help from competent and compassionate rehab professionals. Under the circumstances, it's hard to imagine that any gift could be more valuable than that one.

"You found me a rehab center where for the first time I was able to get the help I needed in a quiet, private space with constant attention," says a satisfied client in a testimonial published on the company's Web site. "It was exactly the kind of space I needed to heal." is a referral service dedicated to connecting callers with the right eating disorder treatment center. To learn more about the service, please call 1-888-488-0088, or visit the Web site at Online visitors will find testimonials, staff profiles, and other valuable information about eating disorders and the rehabilitation experience.

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