When Choosing a Rehab Facility, "Where" Is as Important as "When"


Released on: October 15, 2009, 10:55 am
Author: Calnarconon- Narconon
Industry: Healthcare

Any drug and alcohol treatment facility worth its money should make a solid effort to address all of the addict’s problems from a medical, psychological and social standpoint. It shouldn’t simply detox the addict, but provide that individual with the social and educational tools needed to stay off drugs for good. Addicts can lead normal lives again. But they must receive the right kind of training – whether it’s at a private drug rehab center or a hospital. The programs can be residential (in-patient) or non-residential (out-patient).

While both types of treatment can certainly be successful, there are many advantages to inpatient residential treatment. For starters, addicts receive full, 24-hour supervision. Their basic needs are accounted for, which allows them more time to truly concentrate on complete recovery. What’s more, many addicts demand total confidentiality and privacy during rehab. Their very reputations could be compromised if the public knew that they were seeking drug treatment. Second, the treatment chosen by the addict must be proven to work. Effective therapies, exercises, helpful instructions, and social development could help increase the chance of helping the drug user become an ex-user for the rest of their lives.

The methods used for treatment should not replace one drug with another. This only creates the chance of the addict becoming addicted to something else, an event that occurs often. Furthermore, it should not treat addiction as an incurable disease. Instead, the addict needs to understand that substance abuse is a situation that can be overcome, with the right amount of treatment and education.

Third, the rehab center must have a well-trained staff of qualified and experienced physicians, psychiatrists, and nurses for taking care of the patient. Fourth, and most important, drug rehab program should offer aftercare education to the cured addicts and their families. Aftercare contact is a vital element of any successful rehab situation.

So the first step in choosing an effective treatment center is to find somewhere that provides all of the services above. Do some homework. Learn what the company stands for. What is their mission? What’s the success rate? Consider everything before making a choice.

It’s not surprising that a good number of addicts and families of addicts ultimately choose a Narconon facility for rehab treatment. The Narconon treatment facility near Watsonville, California accepts, treats and ultimately cures scores of desperate addicts annually. Their success rate is 76% -- a huge jump over more traditional treatment methods such as 12-step or drug treatment.

Narconon uses a unique combination of sweat therapy and education in its inpatient programs. The sweat therapy rids the addicts body of toxins stuck inside of muscle tissue throughout the body. If nothing is done to treat the toxins, they eventually release into the blood stream. This is the cause of most urges and relapses. The education portion teaches the addict all of the skills required to enter the world as a productive individual, with a solid understanding as to what got them addicted in the first place.

Narconon provides the location, the services and the knowledge required to overcome virtually any addiction. Plus, it offers a unique follow-up guarantee: should anyone complete the program and have a relapse, they will be welcomed back to Narconon free of charge for up to one month.

The Narconon program Narconon program was established to help people suffering from substance dependencies, with the goal of freeing them and their families from the devastation of drug or alcohol abuse. Narconon of Northern California opened its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in 1992, in Bonny Doon, California. Launched by“word of mouth” publicity, ongoing success resulted in the relocation of the residential treatment program to a larger campus in Santa Cruz, CA. The Narconon Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility of Northern California program now graduates 150 clients annually. It includes a center in Placerville and a new center in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

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