South East Labels: Horticultural Specialists


Released on: March 29, 2010, 6:39 am
Author: Jane Smith/ South East Labels
Industry: Computers

London, 29 March, 2010: They tend to the much-needed parks and open spaces in urban towns; maintain landscapes around offices, business parks, road developments, and farmland. The role that horticulturalists play, especially in this day and age of concretisation, towering skyscrapers, and busy networks of roads, surpasses all. To keep a tab on the individual requirements of each plantation, whether trees, plants or shrubs, in an organised and methodical fashion, South East Labels offers the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology through its range of label printing technologies. These labels can provide detailed information that helps in keeping a thorough check over each plantation in an organised fashion.

With 37,000 people directly or indirectly contributing to the ‘moving back to the roots’ (horticulture) industry in Britain, the need for applications and technologies to hasten the work process is crucial. Lining up the most advanced and up-to-date technologies from the leading manufacturers in the market like Toshiba and Primera, South East Labels promise to supply the best at attractive prices. A variety of materials can be utilised to print labels using South East Labels' easy-to-use printing technology. Polypropylene labels are a popular choice ideal for outdoor use, and you have the options of Loop Lock Labels and Stick-in Labels, ideal for labelling seedlings, flower pots, trees, shrubs and plant containers in the greenhouse or nurseries. Using the waterproof labels will ensure additional life to the labels, as they are heat and moisture-resistant and do not deteriorate under extreme conditions.

Giving utmost import to quality, South East Labels offers a range of products that are suited for the needs of horticulturalists. Its barcode equipment can be used when selling seeds, plants or organic foodstuff, the up-to-date digital printers offer a choice of over 1,000 label sizes that can be used for small or large plantations, and its range of essential applications and software can make any business work efficiently. Being a market leader for over 20 years, South East Labels knows how to keep their customers happy. Not only does it provide essential support with an option of on-site breakdown cover for its products, but its equally reliant staff work to cater to every labelling need and problem, keeping in mind the customer's budgetary constraints, and providing innovative solutions in horticulture.

Contact Details: Jane Smith
65-67 Western Road
Hove, BN3 2JQ
United Kingdom
Tel (UK): +44 (0) 870 760 68 68



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