The Latest Office Special: A Great Label Printer for a Great Price


Released on: May 01, 2010, 3:53 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Computers

Every month, South East Labels runs an office special. This month it is the new Image printer, the Image TTP245 Plus Series Printer. It is an improved version of their best-selling TTP245 Series printer. For those looking to update their barcode printing systems, this printer would be a great addition.

This enhanced electronic printer has a 2MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM and an SD card slot. In addition, it comes equipped with a flash drive and an internal Ethernet LAN interface that allows for easy network installation, and all of this at an affordable price - the whole package costs just £385.

The TTP245 Plus Series Printer comes with full installation software, like those related to print job management and data storage. It is 100% WYSIWYG and can be compatible with multiple printer languages like TSPL, ZPL, and EPL which allow emulation with Zebra and Eltron. Best of all, the printer inks labels at a rate of 127mm per second.

With such easy storage capability and internet capacity, this printer will make all labelling jobs a breeze and at such an affordable price, it is a must have for businesses that require barcodes.

Barcode printers and their barcode labels have become an essential part of management programmes for competitive and successful businesses, assisting them in being able to keep track of deliveries, purchases and store room inventory. The sticky labels can be the difference between a well-run business and a business plagued with time-consuming tracking bumps.

Thus this monthly special is an incredible deal. At only £385, this printer could be among the best purchases a business could make. Between its storage capacity, the ethernet connection and its printing speed, this new Deluxe model cannot be beaten for speed, accuracy and excellent quality.

Contact Details: 21 Wilbury Grove
Brighton & Hove
United Kingdom



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