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Released on: June 30, 2010, 11:18 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman
Industry: Healthcare

The drug treatment center industry has never been more competitive, with hundreds if not thousands of facilities offering drug treatments in each state. A drug treatment center must not only provide quality drug treatments to its clients, it also must distinguish itself from other facilities in order to attract those clients. helps a drug treatment center compete online. A featured listing in the website's comprehensive directory allows a drug treatment center to reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month, visitors specifically looking for drug treatments, all the while improving the search-engine ranking of a center's own website.

June 2010 – It used to be, a drug treatment center could rely on reputation and referrals alone to attract clients. The growth of the industry and the explosion of Internet marketing has forced those providing drug treatments and addiction intervention into a new advertising arena, one in which they often are not equipped to compete. In those cases, a drug treatment center can turn to A featured listing on the website helps a drug treatment center reach more potential clients and boosts the power of its own website while doing so. – created by Internet marketing expert and recovering addict Bernie Grohsman – offers informational listings for more than 11,000 drug treatment centers and professionals across the country, plus online assessments and 24-hour phone assistance. does not charge a drug treatment center for an informational listing, nor does it charge potential clients coming to the website for referrals or information about drug treatments and addiction intervention. The website also has a free community area, in which addicts can share information and experiences in forums and chat rooms.

These informational listings allow a drug treatment center to reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. Since informational listings include a link to a drug treatment center's own website, its search-engine ranking improves due to the high search-engine rankings of A drug treatment center can take further advantage of's high rankings by purchasing a featured listing. It runs at the top of the category for the state in which the drug treatment center is located, and it also runs in rotation on every page – more than 11,000 – of This run-of-site placement provides the greatest impact on search-engine rankings for the drug treatment center's own website.

Signing up for a featured listing on takes just a few minutes. The drug treatment center representative simply joins as a community member, provides information about the center's Drug treatments, uploads a photo and then pays for the featured listing through PayPal. The listing will go live within a few hours. A featured listing costs just $525 per month, on a month-to-month basis; a drug treatment center can cancel at anytime. also offers banner advertising opportunities.

About and Bernie Grohsman: Being a recovering addict himself who lost his only brother to addiction, Bernie Grohsman created to help addicts find the right drug treatment center for their individual needs. He also is an Internet marketing expert, the leading expert in the behavioral healthcare field, in fact. For more information on the marketing benefits of, visit the website's advertising page or call Grohsman at 408-210-4910. Addicts looking drug treatments or loved ones wanting to learn more about addiction intervention – can call 877-335-4673 seven days a week, 24 hours a day, or visit to begin their research and fill out an online assessment.

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