MIND MEDIA Cooperates With Ubisoft® To Develop Biofeedback Sensor Technology For Stress Reduction Games



Released on: June 22, 2010, 5:38 am
Author: Erwin Hartsuiker, Mind Media BV, Netherlands
Industry: Computers

Roermond, Netherlands – June 22nd, 2010 - Mind Media BV, the world number one in medical biofeedback and neurofeedback technology has today announced its cooperation with Ubisoft, a world leader in computer games. On June 14th, Ubisoft announced Innergy, a unique wellness game, at the E3 in Los Angeles, which will be available to players on the PC and Mac® in early 2011. The game uses the new Innergy Sensor, which is based on technology from the Mind Media NeXus-10 series of physiological monitoring and feedback systems.

The Innergy sensor measures heart rate, HRV, blood flow and pulse and provides real time biofeedback to the player showing how their body and nervous system responds to breathing exercises. This interactive and playful game increases cardiac coherence and relaxation and decreases levels of stress. In short, playing computer games can increase your health, wellness and inner balance. The Innergy computer game is extremely easy to use and has opened new dimensions for life science based “edutainment”.

Mr. Erwin Hartsuiker, CEO of Mind Media BV, explained: “When we introduced computer based NeuroBiofeedback training in 1992, almost nobody knew or understood what it was. Our vision remains that medical or neurophysiological equipment can be used for more than monitoring “disease”. Our NeXus Biofeedback and Neurofeedback systems enable researchers to study the interaction of mind and body and how thought and emotion affect our state of health, wellness and performance. In other words we can monitor the physiological effects of cognitive functioning, behaviour and stress.

Clinicians, psychologists and therapists use the NeXus systems for Biofeedback training to reduce tension headaches, migraine, stress related problems like high blood pressure, hyperventilation, anxiety and even early stages of depression. NeXus can also help with ADHD and learning disabilities as well as enhancing performance in sports and business. We see a clear trend in the market where people now think twice before they automatically reach for medication or pills as their first solution.

We are honoured that Ubisoft has chosen to cooperate with Mind Media in the development of this new and exciting Innergy Sensor technology. We think this will change the way people play computer games.

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About Mind Media BV
Mind Media BV, founded 1992 in the Netherlands, is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of physiological monitoring and Biofeedback/Neurofeedback systems for professional use. Mind Media BV has resellers in over 30 countries world-wide. Our NeXus products show the inner workings of the human body and nervous system (mind) with great precision and are used by medical professionals as well as researchers, psychologists, therapists, trainers and artists. We develop leading edge software and sensor technology for acquiring physiological signals from the human body for interactive feedback training, health applications, sports, performance enhancement and stress management. Our NeXus-10 Technology uses state of the art wireless Bluetooth technology, ultra high 24 bit resolution, SD flash, active noise cancelation and measures up to 10 sensors simultaneously. To learn more, please visit www.mindmedia.nl

Contact Details: Name: Mr. Erwin Hartsuiker
Company: Mind Media BV
Country: Netherlands
Email: sales@mindmedia.nl
Phone: +31-475-410123
Web: www.mindmedia.nl



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