USB Lock RP v5.29 Portable Storage Media Management Solution



Released on: January 07, 2011, 06:40 am
Author: Thomas Goll US Diversified Tech, LLC
Industry: Software, Computers, Electronics

US Diversified Tech, LLC together with Advanced Systems International, SAC announce the release of USB Lock RP v5.29. A software security solution designed strictly to provide the ability to block or allow specific portable media devices. USB Lock RP’s scope of protection now includes: eSata, Firewire, USB 3.0 super speed technology, MTP, USB 2 sticks, as well as cell phones, Tablets, iPod’s, mp3, SD Cards and all other interfaces that can be used to extract data. The newest and biggest addition is the eSata protection which has been, and remains industry wide, a difficult opening in data security to address. With the inclusion of eSata, USB-3.0 and Firewire super speed transfer interfaces, Advanced Systems International, SAC has addressed every opening presented where a media storage device can be misused. It is important to not just lock out these devices but to have the option to allow their use, when necessary, in a managed and protected manner.

Javier Arrospide, Advanced Systems International, SAC founder and lead software developer states that, “USB Lock RP (Remote Protect) is straightforward effective endpoint security software. Allowing organizations to authorize, from a central location, specific devices with ease and automatically block all other removable storage external hardware that could be used to extract data assets or to enter malware in your networked environment.” USB Lock RP’s operation is automatic, alerting, logging, authorizing or blocking device connections in real-time. Installation is simple and, for large networks, the client side setup is provided in MSI format so initial remote deployment can be done silently and with ease.

US Diversified Tech, LLC focuses on addressing government and corporate computer security issues and is well respected for working closely with IT and management in finding security solutions that best meets the individual situation. For further information and a 15 Day Free Trial of USB Lock RP or to view our other security solutions, visit the US Diversified Tech websites at or We can be contacted at (888)-361-8718 to address any technical, sales or dealer inquires.

Contact Details: US Diversified Tech, LLC, PO Box 599, 141 Canal St., Nashua,
NH 03064
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