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Released on: April 01, 2011, 12:17 pm
Author: David Newstead
Industry: Computers brings UK consumers a new price comparison site exclusively focused on finding avid gamers the best deals on software titles for PCs and the most popular dedicated gaming consoles. is a new online resource for PC and console gamers dedicated to helping them track down the best current prices on popular titles. Taking its cue from the huge success of UK price comparison sites such as and in the realms of finance and insurance products, has set out to provide UK gamers with a streamlined service tailored specifically to their interests, aggregating the latest comparative prices from the most competitive, reputable games retailers.

The company's founder, David Newstead, setup following his own frustration with shopping for games on the Internet. "As a keen gamer myself with two young sons who also share my passion for this pastime, building and maintaining a library of the latest and greatest games can be an expensive business,” he says. “Hunting down the best bargains was a pretty time-consuming business too, so I was hoping to find a price comparison site that would save me both time and money!" Failing to find a site that could deliver his expectations as slickly as he hoped, he set about creating his own.

"Too often I found potential sites were not specialized enough, or offered limited opportunities for speedy price comparison across a wide choice of retailers. In my experience, gamers are a pretty well informed bunch of consumers who know what games they want, so price is the prime consideration when it comes to where they place their order online. Video Game Prices keeps things as simple as possible to help them rapidly search and access pricing information from a broad range of retailers with quick links to go straight to any that can deliver what they’re after."

David Newstead also hopes that gamers will chose as their first port of call for price comparison because of its Price Tracker service. This free service allows registered members to specify list of games they are considering purchasing together with a target price they would like to buy at. At any point that one of the many retailers it tracks hits or beats that threshold, the user will be alerted by email so they can grab the game they want at a price they like.

In the short time that has been online it has already attracted thousands of gamers to its service, so its recipe for success seems to be finding approval with its target audience and bodes well for its future... and all this without a talking meerkat or portly opera singer in sight!

About is an Internet pricing resource put together by a small team of avid gamers, giving it an intimate understanding of the products and services sought out by like-minded consumers on the Internet.

Contact Details: Cavell House, Stannard Place, St Crispins Road, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, NR3 1YE



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