IT Outsourcing in Ukraine Becoming a Thriving Industry

Released on: July 02, 2012, 4:43 am
Industry: Software

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- With IT skilled workforce trained to provide software and application development services, among others, it is small wonder that Ukraine’s IT outsourcing (ITO) industry is booming.

Industry experts in 2010 have recorded a 20% growth in Ukraine’s outsourcing industry. The number of skilled laborers working for ITO companies surged to at least 2 400 more than that in 2009. If that is not enough to say Ukraine’s outsourcing industry is something to watch out for, then perhaps the commendations from different industry experts can speak for themselves. Ukraine was among the Global Services (GS) and Tholons’ Top50 Emerging Global Outsourcing Destinations in 2009. In 2011, Ukraine was named ITO Destination of the Year Award in the European Outsourcing Excellence Awards. It was also among the top 20 locations for outsourcing in the Global Services100 List, which is annually compiled by GS in partnership with NeoAdvisory.

Industry experts have seen several reasons why companies are choosing to outsource to Ukraine; some reputed companies have even started to establish their brand in the country. One of the most common reasons for outsourcing is the cost. Companies get to save when outsourcing some of its needed services compared to keeping an in-house department for those services. Services like software development are best outsourced to Ukraine not only because the country has a skilled workforce but also because doing so can be more cost-efficient. There are lots of resources in other locations like Moscow or St. Petersburg, but the costs there are expensive. This is an advantage to Ukraine, which is offering lower service costs than most countries in Western Europe.

Ukraine also has a high literacy rate to boast of and a high population of personnel with technical skills. The personnel usually have a background in physics or mathematics making it easy for them, to hurdle technical problems. The country’s higher education system encourages students taking computer-related courses to learn foreign languages, like English. Software developers particularly those joining the outsourcing industry had to obtain the required language skill. This makes them competent not only in providing the service required but also in communicating with the customers.

One of the ITO companies in Ukraine that specializes in software and application development is Svitla Systems, which has worked with a number of clients from start-ups to corporate companies and even educational institutions. Svitla Systems boasts of a roster of employees with adequate expertise when it comes to IT services. The company employs developers with a degree in Computer Science and many of them have Master’s Degree while some even have PhD’s. They are also good in spoken and written English so language barrier is not a problem.

Companies like Svitla Systems are the ones behind the rise of Ukraine as an outsourcing destination.

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