Pro Guitar Instructor Announces Innovative Guitar Teaching Resource

Released on: July 03, 2012, 5:26 am
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Tom Hess, leading online guitar teacher and professional musician has announced the release of an innovative online resource about becoming a better guitar teacher created to help guitar teachers improve their ability to provide the best guitar instruction for their students.

In his online guitar teaching resource, Hess discusses many of the problems that guitar teachers face and how to overcome them in order to build a successful and profitable guitar teaching business. One of these common problems discussed includes the topic of “how to teach beginner guitar students.”

Hess explains his thoughts: “You will encounter beginning guitar students much more than any other type of student. If you want to build a successful guitar teaching business, you must become effective at teaching these students.” He goes on:“Contrary to popular belief, teaching beginning guitar students is not easy. In fact, these types of guitar students are without a doubt THE MOST difficult types to teach. The main problem for most guitar teachers is that they do not understand how to properly teach these kinds of students. As a result, they quickly lose them after only a few lessons. Although there exist many potential solutions to this issue, the first thing that guitar teachers need to do is avoid teaching beginners in a linear fashion.”

In the guitar teaching business it is common for one or two guitar teachers to dominate a local area by acquiring the majority of available students. This leaves dozens of other local guitar teachers with little or no students to teach. In his resource, Hess explains this phenomenon in detail. The following statistics are taken from :

“97% of guitar teachers in the USA have reported that they do not fully support themselves by teaching guitar alone. 90% of these people work full time day jobs in addition to teaching guitar.

96% of guitar teachers in the United States have not been trained formally, coached or mentored to teach guitar effectively.

93% of all electric guitar teachers in the United States have not purchased instructional material to help them teach guitar lessons.”

Hess goes on to discuss these figures:
“The very small percentage of guitar teachers who are in high demand are the ones who actively seek to improve their guitar teaching skills through professional training. The other overwhelming majority of guitar teachers barely make enough money to get by, and usually have to work an additional full time job just to pay the bills. By getting professional training to build your guitar teaching skills you will put yourself far ahead of the majority of the other teachers out there. There are many guitar teachers out there who advertise themselves as ‘the best’, but in reality are not truly qualified to teach guitar. This does not work out for them in the end as they do not actually help their students advance in their guitar playing. Eventually this leads to their downfall as they begin to develop a bad teaching reputation in their local community.”

More information on Tom Hess’s online resource on becoming a better guitar teacher can be found on his site

Contact Details: PO Box 113
Cary IL 60013


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