“R.I.P., G.O.P” Says Republican Anti-Romney Activist

Released on: August 27, 2012, 4:10 pm
Industry: Non Profit, Government, Internet & Online

REDMOND, Wash., -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Will the GOP survive Mitt Romney? No chance, insists a Republican precinct committee officer (PCO) from Redmond, Wash., who has renounced the ticket on two of his websites, RIPGOP and RINORomney.

Lord Nigel Featherston, a former Microsoft engineer who holds 12 patents, thinks the Grand Old Party can be saved, but not by the Romney-Ryan ticket.

“Electing Romney would drive another nail into the party’s coffin,” Featherston declares on his website. Although he rants against RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and labels Romney a “liberal RINO who lacks any basic conservative principles,” the 66-year-old entrepreneur isn’t suggesting conservatives cast votes for Democrats.

“We must vote for conservative congressional candidates and we must fight the destructive RINOs by rejecting Romney,” he urges, adding, “Vote or write-in a true conservative, perhaps the Libertarian candidate.”

Regardless of the outcome of November’s election, Featherston believes a new conservative party must be created. RINOS killed the GOP, he says.

As for Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Featherston says voters must realize this is “a total sham.” If Romney were a true conservative he would not have the support of Karl Rove and the GOP country club RINOs, Featherston contends. The notion that Ryan’s conservatism will make Romney more conservative is ludicrous, he insists. “Romney only pretends to be conservative in hopes of getting elected.” After the election, Featherston predicts Ryan will regret being Romney’s running mate,” realizing he was chosen just to provide conservative lip-service and to appease conservatives and the Tea Party. Although Featherston has donated to Republican candidates in the past and served multiple terms as a GOP PCO, he now leans toward the Libertarian party.

Featherston’s passions and activism transcend politics. In 2003 he won a record $250,000 judgment against two Ohio residents who inundated him with thousands of unwanted emails. Among his likes are vintage technology and holiday lights. At Christmastime, he decorates his home with 7,000 LED bulbs.

For now his attention is focused on the GOP. And like the storm swirling around Tampa, he hopes to wreak some havoc and stir up interest for a new party as the “standard bearer for conservatives.”

“If a liberal is going to fail and discredit their party, let it be a Democrat,” Featherston proclaims.

Contact Details: L.N. Featherston
15112 Old Redmond Rd.
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 425.702-9676 or (cell) 425.442-4773
Email: pr@ec-magic.com


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