Back Thru the Future Announces On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Released on: December 13, 2012, 3:45 pm
Industry: Computers

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Back Thru the Future (BTTF), the leading technology disposal company, has announced the availabilty of its on-site hard drive shredding service, designed for the demands of industries with stringent data privacy regulations, including healthcare and finance. A state-of-the-art custom shred vehicle, dubbed The Predator, allows BTTF to extend its Safe Harbor Express directly to its client locations throughout the eastern U.S.

The launch of the on-site service affirms BTTF’s commitment to the highest standards of regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability and auditability.

“This is the most significant capital investment in our 20-plus year history,” said Melanie Haga, CEO and founder of Back Thru the Future. “It was important to us that bringing the shredding capability to our client’s location doesn’t in any way compromise the rigor and integrity of the secure data destruction process. We have taken the time and made the investment to design a vehicle and a process that are second to none in providing secure, auditable compliance with all data privacy and environmental regulations.”

Since current New Jersey regulations prohibit mobile hard drive shredding, BTTF will continue its in-plant shredding operations for that state, while enhancing services to clients in all other states.

“We have submitted a request to the New Jersey DEP to allow us to begin on-site shredding within the state,” Haga said. “We’re cautiously optimistic that they will approve this service, which is rapidly becoming the industry standard throughout the rest of our service area.” Upon approval, Haga said, BTTF is in a position to immediately provide on-site hard drive shredding within the State of New Jersey.

About Back Thru the Future
Back Thru the Future is a technology disposal firm specializing in media sanitization and secure data destruction for industries with the most rigorous data privacy requirements. Headquartered in Franklin, NJ, BTTF currently serves over 1000 clients, including 60% of community banks and hospitals in New Jersey, as well as numerous clients throughout the eastern U.S. BTTF is one of only 9 facilities holding a NJ DEP permit to recycle electronics, a regulatory requirement for shredding hard drives in the state. BTTF’s high capacity recycling operation allows them to process all types of electronic materials in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Contact Details: Dan Bayha, Back Thru The Future, 1 Park Dr #9, Franklin, NJ
Phone: 973-823-9752