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Released on: January 28, 2013, 10:46 am
Industry: Education, Travel, Consumer Services

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Languages are getting more and more important, especially in our fantastic world of economics and tourism. The best way to learn a language is to learn it there, where the language is spoken.

StudyLingua International Linguistics is a Swiss based company with a large number of language schools all over the world. StudyLingua offers more than 200 schools in 30 countries worldwide. Beside english for foreigner, the company offers spanish, italian, portuguese and french schools.

Furthermore they have language schools in China, Japan, Russia and Germany in their program. Every school is different and offers a various number of different language courses. So it is important to collect the right information first, before booking a language school abroad. Those language courses for adults can be booked from 2 to 12 weeks, long term courses up to 52 weeks. Adults can choose between standard / intensive courses, exam preparation or business courses.

StudyLingua offers a free counseling service, so everybody can easily get all the needed information directly from the company. New at StudyLingua's program is a language course at teachers home; especially for professionals or for those who expect an intensive and high quality language course. There are teachers available all over the world for almost every language. The quality of leaving is quite high and StudyLingua is able to consider the most of students requests.

Language courses at teachers home is designed and built up on individual needs. Get more specific information about this program by contacting StudyLingua directly. Also juniors are very welcome: StudyLingua offers a large range of junior courses for 12 to 16 years during summer holidays. Together with a language course in the morning hours, the juniors will get a great activity and adventure program in the afternoon. So they could choose between several excursions, beach volleyball, soccer or water sports for example. All juniors / minors are supervised by well educated teachers, 24 hours a day! Juniors usually stay in a campus residence accommodation, some junior programs also offer accommodation in host families. StudyLingua is able to create specific programs for all needs and requests, so feel free to contact StudyLingua at any time.

Get more information about StudyLingua International Linguistics by visiting our websites:

Contact Details: StudyLingua AG
Multergasse 21
9000 St. Gallen
T: +41 71 260 14 20
F: +41 71 260 14 21
M: info@studylingua.ch


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