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Released on: March 14, 2013, 12:26 pm
Industry: Electronics

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Lamp Post Electrical have realised that one of the fastest growing areas of electrical control is that of the wireless electrical control systems and are pleased to promote the Wisedim Kit – A 4 Channel dimmable wireless switching system. Wireless switching systems are likely to become a major force in the home and in industry over the next few years as the different option become more obvious and the market develops the switches and controls, which will accept a wireless control signal. The Wisebox switching system can already control switching of lights, garage doors and water features as well as a host of other options around the home and garden and Lamp Post Electrical has been very pleased with their supply of this item and the Wisedim Kit is a good extension of the market range.

The Wisedim Kit is as the name suggests a wireless dimmer system and contains a receiver that uses 4 channels each independent of the next and rated at 700 watt each, which are all capable of dimming a separate lighting circuit. The kit is easy to install and can therefore act as the perfect replacement to your traditional dimmer switches around the home. The system has the ability to remember the previous setting so when switched on again will return the lighting system to the previous levels of light. The system can also be used as a switching system on any of the independent channels so that it can be used with LED or fluorescent lighting fittings, which are not dimmable. Lamp Post Electrical has been particularly pleased with the remote key fob which is used to control the system as this is easy to carry and very easy to operate and has the back up of a wall mounted switch with seven switches of which four operate the individual circuits and the other three work on the functions of two circuits on, four circuits on or all circuits off.

Lamp Post Electrical have noted that the wisebox kits allow a simple dimming system that can be operated from the comfort of the armchair and will allow a completely different approach to lighting within the home. This system now allows the user to use light as a decoration as well as a system of being able to see what you are doing. Certainly the system can be changed from a reading lighting requirement to a comfortable level for listening to music or watching the TV but now it is possible to use coloured lights to paint the room so that the ambience meets the time of the day or the mood of the user. This may sound a little strange but a person’s mood changes during the day and it has been found that the strong active lighting systems that match the early morning activeness recedes during the day as the person’s body prepares for rest and the lighting systems change accordingly then Wisedim allows this to be achieved from the armchair.

Lamp Post Electrical have been delighted with the Wisedim system and encourages the reader to look at their web site to get a full view of the system and if there are any queries to send them an email or give them a call and work out just what can be achieved.

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