The melodramatic dating sim, Forbidden Love has been released on Google Play

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Chiyoda, Tokyo, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- M&A Online released the melodramatic dating sim, Forbidden Love (禁断の恋~許されない二人~ in Japanese) on Google Play.

  • Forbidden Love is a popular melodramatic dating sim that has been downloaded by 500000 people in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Before you sleep... During your lunch break... This is a dating sim in which you advance your romance a little every day.
You can meet immediately during your idle time. Why not try being comforted by a boyfriend different from the one you have in real life?

  • Forbidden love with your stepbrother
    You can't do that, big brother! If you do that sort of thing... we won't just be siblings any more!

-- I, brought into the multi-millionaire Jones family as a child from my mother's previous marriage, and Mike, a child from my stepfather's previous marriage, became siblings. An older brother who thought of his sister kindly, and a younger sister who adored her older brother.

Though at first glance, we were regular siblings, we both held hidden feelings -- "I've never thought of you as a younger sister even once..."

  • Game Explanation
    1. The story's ending is up to you!
    The ending is decided by the choices that come up in the middle of the story.
    Seize his heart skillfully and savour the exciting development!
    2. Illustrated Scenarios
    There are several illustrations that make the story more exciting.
    3. Cute Avatar
    In the game, you have an avatar that can wear clothes and accessories that are connected with the story.
    Change the hairstyle and makeup to your liking. Plus, you'll make him fall in love with you more if you show him a cute appearance
  • How to Purchase Items and Coins
    1. Click the Shop button on the top of My Page.
    2. First, you will need Coins, so purchase Coins from the Coin Shop.
    3. After purchasing coins, you can obtain various avatars and items with coins at the Avatar Shop and the Item Shop.
  • Summary for Forbidden Love
    The details for Forbidden Love, which we will start offering this time, are as follows.

Service name: Forbidden Love
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Contact information for enquiries
2-2-1, Marunochi , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
Contact person: Nagaoka David


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