The realWITS Company Launches Websites for Real Estate Companies Dubbed “Smarter”

Released on: April 03, 2013, 12:11 pm
Industry: Real Estate, Internet & Online

Real estate companies are poised to make substantial gains in 2013, but many brokers fail to recognize the benefits of designing optimized real estate company websites to take advantage of increased Internet usage by both buyers and sellers of all kinds of property.

Lake City, Minnesota, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- An experienced and respected real estate participant and An experienced and respected real estate participant and SEO adviser has launched a new company, realWITS, to help brokers design actionable real estate company websites, get better results and learn how to integrate sales campaigns with modern techniques of leveraging real estate SEO benefits, providing interactive customer service and challenging not only with local online competitors but also with highly recognized online consumer real estate portals.

Real Estate Web Development Demands Compelling Websites

The company's mantra is "Smarter Real Estate Websites," and its mission is to educate real estate professionals about online marketing trends so that they can create more functional websites, optimize searches, integrate modern applications and produce dynamic content.

The real estate industry has traditionally resisted change, but modern real estate Web development and real estate SEO for websites require transformations from conservative advertising and marketing strategies to engage new generations of clients.

Randi Thornton, founder of realWITS, has built a reputation as the go-to SEO Google Guru from many years of experience in website development, online promotion and the real estate industry. Many real estate websites treat their online efforts as sideline activities or hobbies, and after working with big branded real estate company websites, Thornton feels strongly that the industry fail to take advantage of their full online marketing potential.

Major problems in most company real estate websites include the following shortcomings:

Brokers do not control their online presence and messaging. 
Website designs fail to meet the needs of people who search online. 
Real estate websites struggle to achieve strong SEO rankings because of the original website build-out. 
Lack of regular technology upgrades force websites to become outdated. 
Failure to take advantage of website lead-generating capabilities. 

Smarter Websites Integrate Design, Content and Functionality

Many real estate companies limit their prospects by only trying to compete with other brokerages, a strategy which fails to take advantage of today's technologies used by other successful industries and the interactive potential of online marketing.

A popular destination real estate broker website strategically focuses on integration of successful leading websites approaches across all industries, and marketers need to incorporate key elements of design, fresh content, Google rankings, mobile technology, and fast processing speeds to keep up with competitors.

Savvy real estate brokers can optimize website performance by considering the following elements of design and function:

Create Distinctive Designs

Website design generates the platforms that launch successful online real estate marketing campaigns, and conceptual elements should compel a casual online website visitor to engage with actionable functionality by incorporating visually appealing design, easy to navigate structures and an intuitive user experience.

Forward-thinking real estate brokers will take a look around them and learn from other applications that have gone viral. 
Stunning designs often depend on using a simplistic look and feel, clean site architecture, complementary color schemes, accessible search and intuitive controls. 
Functional copy includes compelling content that delivers quantifiable local communications that help buyers make informed and quicker buying decisions. 
A real estate company website needs to offer photo-centric platforms for property listings. 
Websites attract and retain buyers and sellers with property explore functionality that exposes robust search activity. 
Proper usage of on-site real estate SEO including keyword density, on-page SEO best practice techniques, optimize company brands, local authority rankings and online reputations.

Fluidity VS Static

Smarter real estate company websites create fluid designs that make incorporating changes and updating copy easy to accomplish. Google search engines now place great emphasis on freshness of content when ranking websites in organic searches. Effective sites leave room to make modular changes in designs and copy to take advantage of new technology and online trends.

Growing Impact of Mobile Devices

Consumers increasingly use their mobile devices to find products and services, keep track of personal appointments, make social connections and interact with local businesses. Real estate company website designs need to look good and provide searches with the information they seek on a variety of mobile-device screens.

Monitoring Traffic and Online Behavior

Analytic tools study behind-the-scenes practices and chart consumer behavior to help website owners tweak their designs, change their design strategies and respond to customer concerns and feedback. Smarter real estate company websites use these tools to generate leads, predict consumer behavior, stay ahead of marketing trends and create better real estate SEO campaigns.

Real Estate SEO Marketing

Real estate SEO (search engine optimization) marketing works differently than traditional advertising, and learning to leverage the benefits of on-site SEO helps real estate companies establish online authority, build reputations, interact and create enthusiasm for buyers and sellers, regions and neighborhoods.

Clever brokers will take advantage of unique community real estate data so people revisit for information and connections with a relevant, trend setting online real estate source. 
Pinterest Type Usage of Imagery

Effective online real estate marketing requires correct usage of photos to productively showcase properties. No matter how well written a property description is it will never grab the attention of a buyer better than a picture will.

The main emphasis of a company real estate website should be imagery that tells a story and conveys I want to see more from buyers, says Randi Thornton.

The realWITS company offers expert real estate company website design, on site-SEO application, education, and strategy for savvy brokers who want to produce above-average returns from their online marketing dollars. The company will function as an authoritative source of designs, strategies and consultations on all the issues that impact a real estate company website.

Randi Thornton founded a mortgage company in 1994 and built her first website during the early years of the Worldwide Web to promote the lending business, but she became increasingly fascinated with the real estate side of the mortgage industry. After selling the first business, Thornton was contractually bound by a non-compete clause, so she began working in real estate as Franchise Sales Director for Realogy, parent company of Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA and Sotheby's International Realty.

The realWITS project successfully brings together the real estate, website design and SEO techniques that Thornton used in business and makes them available to real estate companies that want to maximize their online marketing efforts by staying ahead of fast-changing technology and evolving online promotional trends.

Contact and Resources:

Phone: (855) 732-5948 ~ (855) real-WIT

You can read more about the founder and how her career journey lead to the creation of realWITS, smarter real estate company websites > The Randi Thornton Autobiography

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