Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) Train Broker For Trading In The Electronic Trading System

Released on: May 13, 2013, 7:34 am
Industry: Financial

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) to offer training for trading online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) train brokers for trading in the electronic trading system and invites everyone who previously took part in the educational training session to attend this two-day training.

The training will cover such topics as: basic lecture on the exchange market, the main factors that affect the market, how to trade in the electronic trading system, the basic requirements on which participants need to pay attention and which regulate their activity. Particular attention will be paid on the legislative side of exchange trading and brokers' activity regulation.

"We have to be sure that after the training each broker will know US legislation on the matter and will use it properly. Otherwise the broker will not receive a license (certificate), because we cannot risk with the trust of US futures and options writers who work honestly on the open market", - said David Campbell, director of the Ontario Mercantile Exchange.

Regular educational trading session will be conducted on the electronic trading system of Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX).

Among 700 companies that have the access to the trading system 68 companies will take part in the session.

We can see the active trading of the participants which allowed us to launch electronic trading and finally to give the opportunity to all the US market participants to do business in the current electronic trading system," - said the director of the Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) David Campbell.

The first training is scheduled on August 1, 2013. It will take place in a specially equipped classroom in the Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) head office.

About ONMEX: Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) is a premier commodities exchange providing independent analysis, and advisory services related to commodities markets, corporate and project finance, and the financial management of exposure to commodities oriented investments. Operating global commodity and financial products marketplaces, including the world's leading energy, metals and commodity markets ONMEX's diverse futures markets offer access to contracts based on crude oil, natural gas, as well as agricultural commodities including coffee, cotton, rice, lentils, wheat and so on.

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