Smoking, Obesity And Lack Of Activity Named As Global Killers

Released on: July 23, 2012, 10:17 am
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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Research published in leading medical journal The Lancet suggests that a lack of exercise can be as big a killer as obesity and smoking.

According to the study, approximately one third of adults do not do a healthy amount of exercise, and it is suggested that this could be causing 5.3 million deaths worldwide each year – the equivalent of one in ten deaths - from related illnesses such as breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Nutritionist Caron Leckie, who works for the UK’s largest provider of chef prepared meals and delivered diets, Diet Chef, comments: “In my experience the weather has a big impact on activity levels, certainly in the UK, and many people use it as an excuse to stay indoors and watch television, rather than getting out and about.

“In addition to this, thousands of our customers have jobs which see them sitting down at a desk for up to nine hours each day. It is logical that this sedentary lifestyle can be conducive to obesity.”

Ms Leckie also added that Diet Chef is “working hard to help people to lose weight with our calorie-controlled diet” and that as a company they are also “working closely with a personal trainer to offer advice and tips on how to move more, no matter what your age, weight or health status.”

It is recommended that adults should do a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, this equates to just over 20 minutes per day.

According to a report by the BBC, “researchers said the problem was now so bad it should be treated as a pandemic”.

Ms Leckie’s top tips for motivation to exercise include:
1. Add An Activity
2. Try Something Different
3. Find a Positive Each Week
4. Take up a Hobby

Read her full list of tips on the Diet Chef blog.


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